25 Awesome GIFs Where Dads Totally Nailed Being Heroes

When it comes to protecting and saving their children, dads are capable of some incredible superhuman feats and split-second saves. Do you want to see what fathers are willing to do for their little bundles of joy? Check out today’s post featuring 25 Awesome GIFs Where Dads Totally Nailed Being Heroes. The GIFs you are about to see are full of seemingly dramatic scenes and close calls but do not worry – we can assure you they all have a good outcome. (Yes, even Number 14!) So be sure to thank your dad for being the hero that he is (because all superheroes enjoy some recognition).


PS: Happy Father’s Day!

dad´s saveImage: www.buzzfeed.com
dad´s saveImage: www.morefm.co.nz
dad´s saveImage: smosh.com

Even when dads are half asleep...

dad´s saveImage: reddit.com

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