25 Awesome And Clever Uses For Duct Tape

Posted by , Updated on June 15, 2014


From its violent and bloody beginnings on the battlefield to its humorous uses of today, duct tape is one of mankind’s more interesting inventions. From taping together a dress or suit for prom to saving the lives of astronauts in space, these are 25 awesome and clever uses for duct tape.

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duct tape walletpurpleslinky.com

For those of you who have trouble hanging on to money, the duct tape wallet will keep it stuck in your pocket.


iPhone Case and Dock

duct tape iphone case and dockforums.ilounge.com

Who needs expensive Apple hardware when you have lot of shiny metallic tape?


Refrigerator Shelves

duct tape refrigerator shelves2sao.vn

We’re not sure how or why all of your refrigerator shelves would break simultaneously, but if they do…duct tape.



duct tape hammockfunylool.com

Sometimes lazy people are the most creative.



duct tape couchrelax.ru

And you thought the hammock was crazy…

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