25 Amazing Prehistoric Predators

Prehistoric times contained some of the largest and most terrifying predators to have ever roamed the earth. Some relied on raw strength and speed while others utilized the element of surprise to satisfy their hunger. Despite these two dissimilar styles of hunting, each of these predators shared a common characteristic: they reigned as one of the top hunters of their time. These 25 amazing prehistoric predators had their own particular ways of hunting that kept them at the top of the food chain.

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Megalania is currently the largest known terrestrial lizard to have ever existed. It was believed to have had toxin-secreting glands located in its mouth, causing it to be slightly venomous.




Titanoboa, meaning “titanic boa,”  currently holds the crown of the largest snake that has ever lived. Believed to have reached lengths of up to 50 feet, it would clamp down on its target, wrap its body around its prey, and constrict it to death.




Sarcosuchus was similar to that of a crocodile in that it spent much of its time lying in wait almost completely submerged in water. It was not picky with its choice in prey as it waited to ambush any unsuspecting prey that it was capable of overwhelming.




Smilodon, commonly referred to as the sabre-toothed tiger, is known for its two extremely long canines. It was believed to have relied on ambush techniques, overpowering large herbivores and sinking its canines into its prey in order to strike vital organs.




Despite its small size relative to many other prehistoric predators, Pterygotus was a top hunter in shallow sea waters. It relied on surprise attacks to catch its prey. It buried itself in sand and waited for an unsuspecting fish to swim by before seizing it with its claws.

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