20 Celebrities That Think The Earth is Flat

Ancient historians who lived thousands of years ago, like Hectaeus and Miletus, believed the Earth had a flat shape. Many also believed it was surrounded by water. Over time, other Greek theories emerged. Philosophers more commonly agreed with the idea of a spherical Earth. In 330 BC, Aristotle provided evidence to support the theory for a spherical Earth. 

Fast forward to the present day and vast amounts of scientific proof prove Aristotle’s theory. Despite all of the evidence found, some people still believe the Earth is flat. In fact, the most outspoken “Flat Earthers” just happen to be public figures. Their platforms allow them to reach a wide audience and spread the word about the “Modern Flat Earth” society.

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Samuel Shelton

Sam Shttps://science.howstuffworks.com/space-conspiracy-theory8.htm

Samuel Shelton founded the Flat Earth Society in 1956. He publically expressed that his beliefs were based on common sense and personal observation. Despite being presented a large amount of scientific evidence to prove him wrong, Shelton wouldn’t budge.

He claimed that any photographic evidence was fake. Up until his death in 1971, he dedicated his life to finding evidence and spreading the word about Earth’s flat shape.


Mike Hughes


Daredevil Mike Hughes also goes by the nickname Mad. During the day, he works as a limo driver. However, his after-hours hobby has quite literally skyrocketed him to fame.

Hughes is known as a flat-Earth conspiracy theorist who also flys in his self-built rockets. One of the reasons he launches out of these dangerous rockets is because he wants to see for himself if the Earth is flat.


Dave Murphy

Flat Earth 4 https://fe2018.com/speakers/dave-murphy/

Dave Murphy, a former graphic designer, took his life in a different direction when he realized modern society’s lies. He now dedicates his time to seeking the truth about subjects like the monetary system, the legal system, and the flat-Earth theory.

Murphy lives off-grid and travels around the world as a public speaker trying to educate the world on his beliefs.


Carl Froch


Former professional boxer Carl Froch surprised the public during his open conversation about the earth being flat on the Pound for Pound Podcast.

“The Earth is flat, 100 percent. There is no proof of the Earth’s curvature and this fake space agency NASA uses CGI images and every one is different,” said Froch. He went on to comment that most pictures of a curved Earth look like cartoons.


Millie Bobby Brown


The young English actress, Millie Bobby Brown, is most famously known for her role in Stranger Things. During an Instagram Live video, she was asked by a fan if she believed the earth was flat. Her response was quite shocking.

“There are so many reasons that lead to the fact that it’s flat, I mean think about it,” Brown said. Despite publically announcing that she was a “Flat Eather,” fans are still debating if she meant what she said or not.

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