20 Bizarre Dinosaurs That Would’ve Made Great Pets

Realistically speaking, dinosaurs wouldn’t make good pets. They were wild animals with highly attuned “flight or fight” responses to stimuli, which would have made them not only difficult to deal with but also very dangerous.

Small ones would be nervous, nippy animals, prone to running around and clawing the furniture. The larger forms could leap higher than deer, kick harder than mules, and bite stronger than a crocodile. In other words, they could take your head off easily if they felt like it.

But even if they were the most peaceful creatures on earth, the big ones would be extremely expensive to take care of and difficult to house. So, practically, dinosaurs could never make good pets.

However, in theory, there are some dinosaurs that could have possibly made good pets. And here’s a list of 20 Bizarre Dinosaurs That Would’ve Made Great Pets. What do you think? Would they have made great pets? Are there any you would add to the list?

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Gasparinisaura was a small bipedal plant-eater. Experts have estimated that its length was about 2.6 feet (1.7 meters).

As for its weight? An average Gasparinisaura weighed around 29 pounds (13 kg). It could definitely be domesticated as it was friendly to other living creatures and consumed “green salad” exclusively. 





A typical psittacosaurus was about the size of a Labrador. Being small, and mostly herbivorous (plant-eater), it was definitely a safer dinosaur than its carnivorous counterparts.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that it would be as easy to handle as a bunny. They could give a nip with their parrot-type beak or possibly do some damage with the spiky protrusions on their tail. These they generally used for fighting other males of its kind over a female psittacosaurus.




Troodon was a human-size theropod of the Late Cretaceous period. It’s known for its particular intelligence.

Actually, the decorated paleontologist Dale Russell speculated in a study how this dinosaur might have evolved if it weren’t for the K-T extinction event.

Thanks to its intelligence mainly, we tend to believe that it could have made a great friend – if not pet – for our kind.




From the identified fossil specimen, it has been observed that this dinosaur was about 6.5 meters long. That means that Vulcanodon wouldn’t make your typical pet. It was more like an elephant or a camel.

Of course, the fact that this dinosaur was a meat eater would be a problem but if people keep tigers and lions as pets, why not Vulcanodon too?




In February of 2008, paleontologists in China discovered the type fossil of Nemicolopterus. It is the tiniest flying reptile yet identified, with a wingspan of only 10 inches and a weight of a few ounces.

The pigeon lovers would definitely love this pigeon-sized dinosaur that lived around 120 million years ago.

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