The 25 Most Dangerous Cities On Earth…These Are Definitely Not Good Vacation Spots

Posted by on October 31, 2011

Every country has its cities and every city has its slums but as we will see in a moment, not all cities are created equal. Some of the most dangerous cities in the world are so bad that simply stepping out of your front door decreases your life expectancy significantly, while in others you may just want to leave your wallet at home. In certain locales, like Norilsk, its not the crime that kills but rather the treacherous environment, and while you may find yourself shaking your head in agreement to some, prepare to be surprised at others. Without further ado, we bring you the 25 most dangerous cities on the planet.


Lagos, Nigeria

As one of the largest metropolitatn areas in Africa, and the former capital of Nigeria, Lagos has never been known for a high level of personal safety and comes in as the #25 most dangerous city in the world. In spite of some very direct measures intended to quell the rising crime rate, it seems to continue growing, right along with the population.


London, United Kingdom

While violent crime in most parts of the world involves gunpowder on some level, London’s youth have gone the way of the blade. Knife related crime has risen dramatically and in 2008 alone 16 teenagers died within a 6 month period as a result.


Moscow, Russia

According to Mercer, Moscow boasts the lowest level of personal safety out of any city in Europe, and while most of this is due to petty crimes the police force here is not known for doing its job.


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Although it’s not the most violent city on our list, there has been a sharp increase of petty crime including muggings and car jacking. Visitors are advised to use caution and remain aware of potential demonstrations and protests.


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Despite its beauty, Rio De Janeiro is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, largely due to a high level of corruption. Most of the city is covered in drug-infested favelas, or slums, and the underpaid police force has been known to frame foreigners in order to elicit bribes.