The 25 Most Crowded Places on Earth

Posted by on April 11, 2012

If you have seen our list on the 25 most remote places in the world then you are familiar with how desolate our planet can be. On the other extreme, however, there are places where you might have a hard time keeping people out of your bubble. These are the 25 most crowded places on Earth.



Found in Tokyo Summerland, a Japanese theme park, you would be hard pressed to find any water in this pool, especially during summer.



The open air Maracana stadium found in Rio de Janeiro, also known as the Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho was constructed in the 50s to host the World Cup and has since set the world record for attendance at a football game with almost a quarter of a million spectators.



Tokyo is certainly not very well-known for having lots of space, which evidently holds true of its escalators. In fact, in 2008 one of its busier ones actually came to a grinding halt and began to move backwards, piling people up at the bottom and sending several of them to the emergency room.



Although there are many ways to measure the congestion of an airport, Hartsfield Jackson International in Atlanta can boast that it sees the largest number of passengers pass through its terminals every year with over 92 million. That’s over 15 million more than runner-up Beijing Capital International Airport.



Not only is Tokyo ridiculously crowded above ground, things don’t change much down below. It’s home to the busiest subway system in the world with over 3.16 billion annually. That’s more than twice as many as New York City (although the NYC system has more stations)