The 25 Coolest Hotels Ever

Who said sleeping has to be boring? Ranging from mine shafts to jumbo jets, these ridiculously cool dwellings certainly serve to make the nocturnal life a whole lot more interesting. So, next time you’re thinking of settling for the budget inn down the street remember – dream a little. Here’s 25 of the coolest hotels on the block to help you out with that.

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Das Park

Das Park,

This interesting blend of modern decor and concrete sewage pipes is situated right along the banks of the Danube in the Austrian city of Linz. Each segment weighs about 9.5 tons, so you don’t have to be too concerned about your friends rolling you into the river at night.


The Hobbit Motel

The Hobbit

Complete with small doors and circular windows, Woodlyn Park in New Zealand allows you to experience a night in the life of a hairy footed midget. It’s not just for geeks though, as you can opt to sleep in a beached ship or an authentic freighter plane from Vietnam next door as well.


The Old Mount Gambier Gaol


Located in Southern Australia, it was opened as a prison in 1866, closed in 1995, and reopened as a hotel. For those of you that laugh in the face normalcy, you should be excited to know that the only real difference now is that the doors can be locked from the inside.



Dubbed the “hotel on wheels” it goes to and fro across the continent of South America, shuttling weary travelers up mountainsides and across deserts. Don’t let the exterior fool you though, it comes fully equipped with 30 beds, hot showers, and continental breakfasts.


Null Stern


Although Null Stern means “zero star” in German, don’t pass judgement quite yet. Okay, we know, a former Swiss nuclear bunker turned hotel might not sound too appealing but the service is allegedly unparalleled. You can even have a butler serve you breakfast through a hidden tunnel.

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