25 Strange Names For Groups Of Animals

Posted by on December 24, 2012


A Coalition of Cheetahs

A Coalition of CheetahsAs with most large mammals cheetahs usually live in highly structured social groups, or at least the males do. Females tend to live their own shortly after leaving their cubs to fend for themselves.

A Crash of Elephants

A Crash of ElephantsAs with cheetahs, it should come as no surprise that elephants are highly social animals. In fact, they have some of the strongest family ties of any animal on this list. They engage in everything from greeting ceremonies and complex communication to teaching and communal care.

A Cauldron of Bats

A Cauldron of BatsRecent studies have shown that bats are highly socially intelligent creatures that maintain relationships for extended periods of time. Of course this may seem obvious given that they usually reside in large groups, complex social interactions like those seen among primates, elephants, and dolphins usually require large, complex brains.

A Cream of Turkeys

A Cream of TurkeysTurkeys are highly social animals that live in “flocks” with a very recognizable pecking order.

A Congregation of Alligators

A Congregation of AlligatorsThese long-lived territorial creatures are actually highly sociable and display a wide range of complex behavior.

An Audience of Squid

An Audience of SquidWhile some species of squid are extremely solitary, others exhibit advanced social relationships with complex communication among group members.

A Tower of Giraffes

A Tower of GiraffesGiraffes are non territorial, social animals. They live in open herds with no specific leader and generally there is a lack of coordination in herd movement.

A Risk of Lobsters

A Risk of LobstersIf you see one lobster, chances are you’ll probably see more. They are very social animals and tend to live in close proximity to one another.

A Pot of Water Buffalo

A Pot of Water BuffaloWater buffalo have been known to form herds that range anywhere from 10 members to over 100.

A Shiver of Sharks

A Shiver of SharksAlthough it is rare, sharks do congregate from time to time. For the most part, however, the stigma holds true as they are highly independent and solitary predators with even the offspring of some species left to fend for themselves.
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  • Glen Freyer

    I thought it was a troop of turkeys.

  • Macey Creed

    What About Orangutans? Their called a Congress

  • Russell

    Good list, but Rhinoceroses are called a Crash, or sometimes a Stubbornness. Elephants are usually a Parade, a Memory, or a Herd. .