25 Science “Facts” That Were Proven Wrong

Posted by , Updated on May 22, 2016

We’re taught loads of scientific facts formally or informally from an early age. And they’re all said to be true and reinforced by our common sharing of them. As time progresses, scientists use new methods to find some of those facts (or, in some cases, rumors that are so pervasive they enter the common psyche as perceived true facts) wrong. In this list, we break down some so-called “facts” we believed to be true and show what the science really says.

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Bats can't see

15 - Bat

Bats aren’t blind. Most smaller bat species do primarily use echolocation (sound waves) to find their way around, but all bats have working eyes. Larger bats even rely on their night vision as opposed to echolocation.


Bulls are driven mad by red

14 - Bull

Bulls don’t charge a matador’s cape because it’s red; they see red as another shade of gray. The matador’s taunting and flag waving is what causes bulls to charge.


The asteroid impact killed off all the dinosaurs

13 - Asteroid

Not all dinosaurs died during the asteroid impact marking the end of the Cretaceous period. Modern-day birds trace their ancestry to smaller theropod dinosaurs that survived the impact (though how, is still a mystery).


Drinking alcohol warms you up

12 - Alcohol Vodka

In a sad blow to everyone who lives in the far north, booze won’t really make you feel warmer. (Now, tingly? That’s another story.) Drinking alcohol dilates (expands) blood vessels, bringing a higher quantity of warm blood to near-surface skin. Your body temperature actually lowers due to heat transfer between shallow vessels and the cold air.


Seasons are due to how close we are to the sun

11 - Seasons

Earth’s seasons aren’t due to our proximity to the sun. It’s due to Earth’s 23.4 degree tilt.

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