25 Most Extensive Metro Systems In The World

Posted by on December 26, 2012

Measuring the most extensive metro system in the world isn’t as cut and dry as it seems. First off, what exactly constitutes a metro? Does it have to be underground? And do we count the number of stations or the length of the track? Generally the two follow one another closely but not always. For the purposes of this list we decided to go with length of track but we are by no means claiming that this is the best or only way. So keeping all of this in mind we bring you the 25 most extensive metro systems in the world.


Tianjin Metro

The second city in China to open a metro system after Beijing, Tianjin has 80 miles of track that service 76 stations.


Busan Subway

The subway system of Busan in South Korea, this underground network has 128 stations along 81 miles of track.


Osaka Municipal Subway

An integral part of the extensive mass transit system of Greater Osaka, the Osaka Municipal Subway runs for 86 miles and stops at 101 stations.


Hamburg S-Bahn

This rail network in the German city of Hamburg makes stops at 68 stations along 86 miles of track.


Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore)

Spanning the entire city-state of Singapore, the MRT services 89 stations along its 91 miles of track.