25 Most Expensive Pieces Of Jewelry In The World

Posted by on May 16, 2013


The Cullinan Diamond

Flawless Blue Diamond Ring
During the auction of 2009 this one of a kind blue diamond ring proved to be a crowd favorite at Sotheby’s semi-annual sale in Geneva and was able to fetch a whopping price of $9.69 million.

The $10 Million Ring

Vivid Blue Diamond Ring
Containing a 6.01 carat cushion-shaped blue diamond as its centerpiece, this ring fetched $10 million dollars at auction by an anonymous bidder.

The Pink Graff Ring

Vivid Pink Diamond Ring
Going for $11.8 million this diamond came from the mines of South Africa. It comes with a 5-carat pink diamond and has been mounted with Graff diamonds to raise the price even more.

Wallis Simpson’s Panther Bracelet

Wallis Simpson’s Panther Bracelet
Owned by King Edward VIII at one point, this piece of jewelry was sold for $12 million and the buyer was rumored to be Madonna.

Emerald and Diamond Tiara

Emerald and Diamond Tiara
Commissioned by German Prince Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck, he gave this tiara as a gift to his second wife Katherine in the year 1900. There are also rumors that this tiara belonged to the wife of Emperor Napoleon III of France. Regardless of passed ownership, however, it contains a row of 11 polished pear shaped emeralds at about 500 carats total and an anonymous bidder paid $12.76 million for it.

Bulgari Two-Stone Diamond Ring

bulgari two stone diamond ring
This easily becomes one of the most expensive rings in the world due to the two large diamonds it contains. Created in 1972 from the Bulgari collection, an Asian collector willingly bought the ring for $15.7 million after an intense bidding war.

Heart of the Ocean Diamond

Heart of the Ocean Diamond
Gloria Stuart wore one of the most expensive jewels ever at the 1998 Academy Awards. This Harry Winston Sapphire has an estimated price of $20 million and is an exact replica of the piece of jewelry from the Titanic. It is the most expensive piece of jewelry ever worn at the Oscars and replicas are being sold for $3.5 million in auction sales.

The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond

Blue Diamond
Sold for $24.3 million to Laurence Graff in 2008, it was rumored to be the diamond from the Indian Kingdom of Golkonda and that King Philip IV Spain bought it to include in the dowry of his teenage daughter, Margaret Teresa, in the year of 1664.

The $30 Million Diamond Bikini

Green Diamond
The record price for a single piece of jadeite jewelry was set at the November 1997 Christie’s Hong Kong sale: Lot 1843, the “Doubly Fortunate” necklace of 27 approximately .5 mm jadeite beads sold for US$9.3 million

The Graff Pink

24.78 Carat Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Ring
Said to be the most expensive piece of jewelry in the world, it was sold for a staggering price of $46 million in November 2010. Famously known as “The Graff Pink”, it is classified as a type II color diamond and has a perfect rating which gives it a price of about $1.85 million per carat.
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Amanda is a graduate student at the University of Florida in the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology. Research interests include barriers to adherence and treatment augmentation strategies for pediatric populations.

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  • nagerst

    Diamonds are one of earth’s most common crystalline structures and is only expensive because one single company has the world monopoly on them. On Neptune it rains diamonds.A clear Sapphire is tremendously more rare than any kind of natural diamond. But valued at a lot less.

    • Bryn

      You are mentally inept, perfectly clear diamonds are incredibly more rare than than perfectly clear sapphires: hence sapphires have a substantially cheaper cost. As well as your statement about the rarity of clear sapphires, your statement that diamonds are one of the most common crystalline structures on earth is painfully ignorant. Firstly, diamonds are a crystal not a crystalline structure and secondly diamonds are incredibly rare in comparison to common crystals like quartz, peridotite, pyrite etc. Additionally, the fact that it rains diamonds on Neptune is entirely irrelevant. The fact that diamonds are common on a planet 2 680 000 000 miles away doesn’t in any way mean they are commonplace on earth. I’ll give you a tip, don’t talk about a topic that you have absolutely no knowledge in.

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    Very beautiful and nice jewelry peace.

  • susan van der frost

    I strongly believe top25 needs an update. It was 2013 when the Italian designer AAM (andreameli.it) made one of a kind diamonds minaudière to Kate Middleton. Rumors to value the item for average 1M usd. The item is a mix of high-tech and jewelry. An image of the handbag available on designer’s bottom webpage.

  • Anna Maria

    My favorite is definitely the Bulgari ring!

    • http://www.myindianjewelry.com/ manish

      U r right..I am agree..

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    This jewelry is vere uniqe and fantastic.

  • real name

    Are you really a university student? Your English is very broken.

  • Michael in Utah

    I’m glad someone else noticed the double entry, I thought I was seeing things.

  • Caig in Portland

    You ARE aware that #s 9 and 21 are the same ring, right?

    • http://jcgator1.wordpress.com Juan Castillo

      Thank you for seeing that! There was definitely supposed to be a different item on #21, lol. But it’s fixed now :) thanks again!