25 Cutting Edge Technologies That Will Change The World

Posted by on August 26, 2013

Just by looking at where we are today, we can already see how powerful technology has been in shaping our world. Through the years, scientists have introduced cutting-edge technologies intended to make life a lot more convenient for humans. Technological advancements happen so fast that people’s current way of life always seems out of date relative to these advancements. The introduction of new-fangled pieces of knowledge especially in the fields of medicine and information technology has radically altered this world in so many ways, and this becomes even more evident in the continuous development of forward-looking devices and systems that people before never knew could exist. Here is a list of 25 cutting edge technologies that will change the world:


Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality refers to the ability to overlay information on a live video feed of the world. Currently, a program known as the Augmented ID Program is being developed to help direct people to geo-tagged tweeters on their friends list on Twitter as well as to the nearest pubs or restaurants just by pointing their cameras in whatever direction. Basically, this technology works as a personal dynamic GPS system.


3D Gaming


3D gaming involves wearing a pair of 3D sunglasses that can make two-dimensional objects look as if they are three-dimensional. Today, there is a laptop that allows for 3D gaming through its polarized filter type screen, a technology that adds some depth to any DirectX game.


2D to 3D Converting Device


A man named Julien Flack is now taking steps to take the 3D craze not only on televisions or on cinemas but also on smart phones and other mobile devices. This will be made possible through a technology that will convert 2D contents to 3D.


Streaming Game Technology


The idea behind this technology is hosting all the game’s data on a central server, much like the technology used for MMORPGs. The difference between this technology and the technology used for MMORPGs is that the rendering engine is not on the PC of the user.


Social Television


Social televisions are now being developed to fuse televisions with the workings of social networks. With this technology, people can use their televisions to comment on live events the way they use their laptops and smart phones to access their social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


OLED Displays


What makes OLED displays superior is that each pixel in its panel produces its own light so it does not have to filter the light from a white or blue lamp behind the screen just to produce light. OLED screens are also much thinner than black lit screens, though they are more expensive to produce.


Wireless Displays Technology


This technology involves the introduction of the Wireless HD line that will soon replace HDMI. This technology uses short range and high bandwidth in an ultra-wide band spectrum to transmit HD video and audio from a media centre to a television screen. Another feature of this innovation is the WiDi, a software layer on top of a wifi chip that helps remove the hassle of cables in sending video signals to a receiver box.


Six –Core Processors


Six-core processors are a genuine upgrade in the current lineup of quad core CPUs. The high-end Core i7 line is based on the existing Nehalem architecture and has the process shrink-down to 32mn as its crowning feature. The best thing about this technology is that these six-powered processors can fit into most existing X58 motherboards.


Deep Data Mining


Deep data mining refers to the strategy of data collection that involves analyzing patterns as well as predicting and influencing behavior. This technology will soon help commercial and government enterprises to predict the psychological profiles of individuals, the way Pandora analyzes internet users’ personalities through their favorite movies and music. The purpose of this technology is to understand human nature more easily.


Snake Robots


Scientists currently based in Carnegie Mellon University are working on sending snake-like robots to nuclear plants or in any hazardous space where inspections are impossible. These snake robots can freely wriggle into pipes and valves as well as in vessels that are difficult to access.


Bit Coin


Bit coin refers to an electronic currency that uses a data trail and different time signatures to track the “bit coin” from one owner to another. This technology can operate outside the normal central banking channels and can provide a symbolic hard currency for electronic transactions.


Floating Nuclear Power plants


Russia is now planning to create a floating nuclear power plant in ports for the purpose of supplying energy to locations that require power but have no capacity to build a traditional plant on land. The concept of this technology involves using naval propulsion reactors onto floating platforms that can be anchored at their destinations.


Atmospheric Energy


Atmospheric energy is an effective renewable energy source that has the power to innovate the production of electricity in the near future, on top of the existing exhaustible and non-renewable sources that we have today. This source can be more effective than wind, solar and bio fuel as free electricity is always present in the air and clouds around us.


Solar Fuel


The idea behind the development of solar fuel lies in the direct conversion of solar energy into a liquid fuel. The production of fuel through solar energy is much like mimicking how plants produce energy through the process of photosynthesis. This technology will make possible the creation of fuel using just sunlight, carbon dioxide, and non-potable water.


Wireless Energy Transfer


Wireless Energy Transfer will allow the direct beaming of energy from a power source without the need for a wire, in the same way that a laptop picks up a wireless internet signal In a Wi-Fi hotspot. If this technology is developed, nothing in this world has to be plugged in anymore just to stay connected.