25 Biggest Game Show Scandals In TV History

Posted by , Updated on August 10, 2017

Have you ever wondered what the biggest game show scandals in history were? At one point, even Congress got involved in order to prevent cheating and scandals in the TV industry! Whether it’s beating the system to win money or the game shows just trying to get viewers, these are 25 Biggest Game Show Scandals In TV History!

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Patrick Quinn

insuranceSource: cnn.com

In 1988, Patrick went on the game show Super Password and won $58,000. Except his name wasn’t Patrick. He was actually Kerry Dee Ketchum, who was wanted in three states. Apparently, he had faked his wife’s death for insurance money. Going on national TV probably wasn’t the smartest move!


Our Little Genius

answersSource: cbsnews.com

In what some people called a flashback to the scandal of the 1950’s, in 2010 the FCC began investigating whether contestants on the Fox game show Our Little Genius were receiving answers beforehand.



shazamSource: cnn.com

Pasapalabra is a Spanish game show that features a segment where contestants have to name a song. When celebrity Adriana Abenia was on the show, she held her phone between her legs with Shazam running and just read the answers off the app. When her tactic was discovered, the audience laughed it off and the host even commended her ingenuity.


The Match Game

The Match GameSource: foxnews.com

One night, Gene Rayburn, the host of this slightly suggestive 70’s game show was trying to compliment one of the contestants. While he intended to tell her she had “pretty dimples,” he let out quite the Freudian slip. It was a hard to mistake to live down.



passwordSource: abcnews.go.com

A couple on the show Million Dollar Money Drop sued Fox for asking trick questions. Back in 2010, the host, Kevin Pollack, had asked Andrew and Patricia Murray what the most common password is. They responded “password.” Much to everyone’s surprise, they were told it was actually 123456. After doing some research, they found out that the game show had gotten the answer from a questionable source. They sued for half a million dollars.

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