25 Biggest Game Show Scandals In TV History

Posted by , Updated on August 10, 2017

Have you ever wondered what the biggest game show scandals in history were? At one point, even Congress got involved in order to prevent cheating and scandals in the TV industry! Whether it’s beating the system to win money or the game shows just trying to get viewers, these are 25 Biggest Game Show Scandals In TV History!

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Bob Barker

Bob BarkerSource: nytimes.com

The former host of The Price Is Right had quite a few lawsuits on his hands for sexual harassment and wrongful termination. They were all settled out of court, but not before tainting The Bob’s image.


Michael Larson

Michael LarsonSource: latimes.com

In 1984, Michael walked away with more than $100,000 from gameshow “Press Your Luck.” Apparently, he had realized that there was a pattern to how the TV show’s game board functioned. By recording the show on his VCR (high tech for the time) and memorizing the patterns, he managed to walk away a wealthy man.


The Gong Show

The Gong ShowSource: cnn.com

This amateur talent show, aired by NBC, was cancelled in 1980 because apparently NBC’s executives didn’t “get its humor.” Its creator, Chuck Barris, was slightly upset with the decision; on the last episode, he showed up as a contestant instead of a host. He sang the song “Take This Job and Shove It” and then flicked off the camera. Needless to say, this caused some controversy for the TV station.


Rodney Alcala

rodney alcalaSource: nytimes.com

The American version of John Cooper, Rodney was a serial killer who appeared on The Dating Game in the middle of his killing spree. Although Rodney won the game show, the “bachelorette” Cheryl Bradshaw refused to go out with him because she found him to be creepy.



Eric EstradaSource: telegraph.co.uk

In 1997, when Eric Estrada got one of the questions right on this gameshow, he raised his fist in victory. Unfortunately for fellow contestant Bill Maher, Eric’s fist found its way right into his face. Now that’s a scandal!

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