The 25 Worst Sports Teams In History

Some teams are really good at being good, while other teams are also really good…at being bad. But who wants to be just average anyway? At least if you’re really bad you get recognition for something. Besides, who’s ever ranked the top 25 most average sports teams in the world? That’s what we thought, which is why we’re here to bring you the 25 worst sports teams in history.

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1973 Houston Oilers

Giving up a whopping 447 points, the Oilers also had a certain player, Dan Pastorini, who broke the NFL record for the number of times he was sacked. Before the season was over he broke it again…twice.

Prairie View Football


With an extended history of being the worst team in college football they actually didn’t win a single game between 1989 and 1998 setting an absurdly high record of 80 consecutive losses.


1971 Buffalo Bills

The definition of ineptitude, their offense and defense were both the worst in the league and the only notable thing this team accomplished was being shutout four times. By some miracle though, they did actually manage to win 1 game.


1952 Dallas Texans

Sticking around for only one season, the Dallas Texans had some serious trouble finding the end zone. Fan turnout was so bad that head coach Jim Phelan even suggested instead of being introduced on the field, each player should go into the stands and shake hands with all the fans individually.


2007 New Jersey Institute of Technology Basketball Team


One of the worst sports teams of the new millennium, NJIT failed to win a single game during the 2007-2008 season, breaking the NCAA record for most losses in a season with 29.

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