25 Most Remote Places In The World

Get ready to add these 25 most remote places in the world to your travel list! You already know what places you need to see before you die, but you will regret if you do not attempt to reach these hidden gems. This list is going to take you on a tour that will involve everything from isolated arctic islands to secluded canyons. By the end of it, you will have probably gained a new appreciation for the people in your life (or maybe you’ll start packing your bags). Either way, we hope you enjoy our compilation of the 25 Most Remote Places In The World.


Pitcairn Island, South Pacific

15Why will nobody move to Pitcairn, the Pacific island with free land ...

A tiny speck in the center of the southern Pacific Ocean, its closest neighbor is Tahiti but even that is hundreds of miles away. It has a population of about fifty people, most of whom are direct descendents of crewmembers who were involved in a mutiny aboard the HMS Bounty in 1789. There is no airstrip on the island, and getting there from the mainland requires hopping a ride on a shipping boat out of New Zealand, something that can take up to 10 days.


Bouvet Island

West Coast of Bouvet Island with ocean in foregroundBouvet Island Population - Demographics - IndexMundi

A small island in the South Atlantic Ocean, the nearest land is Antarctica’s Queen Maud Land nearly 1,000 miles to the south. With no permanent inhabitants, it served as the perfect setting for the 2004 film Alien vs. Predator. Ironically, it also has its own (unused) Internet country code top-level domain: bv.


McMurdo, Antarctica

13Virtual tour- McMurdo

The largest research station in Antarctica, McMurdo is home to around 1,200 scientists and workers during the warmer summer months. Located on Ross Island, it is situated in one of the most inaccessible parts of the globe. Recently this has become less of an issue, however, thanks to not just one but three new airstrips. Scientists at the station now enjoy many modern amenities including gyms, television, and even a nine-hole Frisbee golf course.


Supai, Arizona

Close up of Supai Bible Churchhttps://suburbanstats.org/population/arizona/how-many-people-live-in-supai

Who would’ve thought the continental United States would make it onto the list. Supai is a beautiful town with 500 residents, perfect for people to get away from it all. The only problem is access. No roads go to Supai, and to complicate things even further, it’s located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. In fact, Supai is the only place in America where mail is still delivered by mule. The sheer inaccessibility has occasionally caused problems for the town. The 2000 US census even missed the town entirely, recording its population as zero.


Kamchatka, Siberia

Siberia volcano covered in snowhttp://www.kamchatkatravers.ru/en/kamchatka/people.php

Located in far-east Siberia, it has a population density of only 0.1 people per square kilometer. In fact, it’s so sparsely populated that in 2006 a 7.7-magnitude earthquake hit the region dead on and there were barely any injuries.

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