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  • 25 Large American Cities Too Dangerous For Drivers

    25 Large American Cities Too Dangerous For Drivers

    Allstate Insurance, an insurance company from Northbrook, Illinois, annually conducts the America’s Best Drivers Report where 200 large American cities are ranked according to how often their residents get involved in a car accident. This statistics may be good to know because road safety is a very precarious thing. It doesn’t matter how prudent and […] More

  • 25 of the World's Wildest Waterparks

    25 of the World’s Wildest Waterparks

    Summer is officially upon us. For most of us, the word conjures up images of sandy beaches, flip-flop tans, and sweltering hot days spent splashing around in the water. For thrill seekers, sometimes the best part of summer is the feeling of plummeting down a waterslide into a chlorinated wonderland. Whether you’re a daredevil or […] More