25 Worst Spelling Mistakes On Social Media

You don’t have to be a grammar nazi to notice spelling errors. We’re not talking about the standard “their, they’re, there” slip ups, but the big messy ones. Of course, those little ones are important too. You probably won’t get a job or reach very far in life if you can’t at least spell words correctly. But come on, when you’re typing things as fast as you can into your iPhone those kinds of mistakes happen. So we’re not going to be looking at those. We all make them, and they’re usually not that funny. What you’re about to see, however, is something entirely different. These mistakes are not small by any measure. In fact, some of them are so profoundly wrong that it is incredible as to how someone would actually come up with the spelling in question. And that is why we started off by saying that you don’t have to be a grammar nazi to appreciate this list. The mistakes will smack you right in the face and probably leave you grinning. Of course, for the people that made them, we are sorry for the embarrassment they must have gone through. These are the 25 worst spelling mistakes on social media.

Featured Image: pixabay

seizure salad
ima die of beaties
visit the ifold tower in france
i smell like mens colon
corn roads in my hair

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