25 Things We All Do When Nobody Is Looking

Posted by , Updated on November 17, 2023

There is a big difference between how we act in public and how we behave when nobody is looking (or at least we think nobody is looking). We all have our little habits and quirks that we believe other people would find weird or even disgusting. This might be actually true, but do not worry – you are not the only person who does that thing that you do. In fact, millions of people all over the world probably do the very same things like you. We are all humans after all, so it is not that surprising that we all do these little bad things when we get out of the prying eyes of the public. To assure you that you really are not the only one who picks his nose, pees in the shower, or eats in bed, we took a closer look at the things we do when we are alone and compiled this list with 25 things we all do when we’re supposedly alone. From drinking straight out of a bottle and taking weird selfies to farting in the elevator, after reading these 25 Things We All Do When Nobody Is Looking, you will be sure that everybody else is just as weird as you are.


Image Source: shutterstock


Pick our nose

Picking noseImage: Quinn Norton via flickr.com

Let us kick off the list with the “when-nobody-is-looking classic.” We all pick our nose, and some people might even have a perverted tendency to observe the content.


Use a smart phone on the toilet

Using smart phone on toiletImage: pixabay.com

We know how germy and dirty toilets are, but we cannot help always taking our smart device with us for entertainment during the “process.”


Google ourselves

googleImage: pixabay.com

We are almost positive you have already tried that; if you have not, you are going to do so as soon as nobody is looking.


Pee our names in snow

PeeingImage: commons.wikimedia.org

For obvious reasons, peeing someone´s name in snow is something that only men can do, but they really do do it when nobody is looking.


Eat in bed

Eating in bedImage: Majka Herudova via flickr.com

Some people actually eat in bed even when there are people around, but the rest of them do it when nobody is looking. At any rate, we all eat in the bed sometimes.


Stalk people on Facebook

FacebookImage: pixabay.com

We mean looking through people’s profiles to the point that you know what they have been doing every single day for the past three years.


Fart in an elevator

fart signImage: commons.wikimedia.org

There are many fart-related things people tend to do when nobody is looking (and listening), but farting in an elevator sounds like the meanest of them.


Push things under the carpet

pushing under the carpetImage: shutterstock.com

Spilled items should be picked up, but who would bother with that when nobody is around to see you pushing them under the carpet or fridge?


Steal pistachios in the store

pistachiosImage: pixabay.com

If your grocery sells pistachios in those huge help-yourself bags, we are almost sure that you take some and eat them without paying for them when nobody is looking.


Smell your clothes to see if it is still okay to wear

man smelling armpitImage: shutterstock

This is definitely one of the things you would never do in public but is just fine when you are alone.


Pee in the shower

showerImage: en.wikipedia.org

Of course you can use the toilet before taking shower, but who would bother with that when there is no chance anyone would notice you actually peed in the shower?


Drink out of the bottle

Drinking out of bottleImage: pixabay.com

No matter how big the bottle is or what stuff is inside, we all drink straight out of the bottle instead of using glasses and cups.


Have conversations with inanimate objects

talking to canImage: pexels.com

You talk to random things in your house as if they were your friends.


Have conversations with yourself

Mirror_babyImage: en.wikipedia.org

When nobody is watching, we all talk to ourselves. Out loud. A lot.


Make crazy food combinations

foodImage: en.wikipedia.org

Sausage with peanut butter, oyster sauce, and a milkshake as a late dinner? No problem when you are alone.


Measure body parts

Measuring bodyImage: freestockphotos.biz

Measuring body parts is equally popular among both men and women; however, they measure different body parts. We will just leave it at that.


Accept terms and conditions without reading them

accepting terms and conditionsImage: klarititemplateshop.com via Flickr

With people around us, we at least pretend we are reading the terms and conditions before clicking to the agree button not to look stupid, but when nobody is looking…


Eating food off the floor

Eating food off the floorImage: en.wikipedia.org

Yes, there is the five-second rule, but when nobody is looking, you easily pick up and eat a potato chip that has been lying on the floor for hours.



woman hand over mouthImage: shutterstock

When nobody is looking (or listening), some people cannot help but try to make their burps as loud and long as possible.


Take weird selfies

crazy selfieImage: youtube.com

Whether it is at the gym, in the bathroom, or in bed, we all take weird selfies when nobody is looking.


Cry when watching movies

CryingImage: pixabay.com

…but not just the movies that are supposed to make you cry. When nobody is looking, we might cry watching anything from a boring handball match to a National Geographic documentary about sea turtles.


Let the dishes soak

dishesImage: commons.wikimedia.org

For about five days longer than any dish would ever need to soak…if it needs to soak at all.


Clear our browsing history before someone borrows our laptop

laptopImage: pexels.com

You start to panic if you don’t make it before they come to take it.


Hang around our house in pajamas

woman wearing snuggieImage: en.wikipedia.org

Or in our shorts. Or naked.


Eat food with our fingers

Eating food with fingersImage: en.wikipedia.org

We mean the foods that are not finger-eating friendly at all such as peanut butter, chili sauce, ice cream, etc.