25 Things That happen When You Don’t Shower For A While

Ever wonder what happens if you don’t shower everyday? Well, actually, maybe for a day or two, there might be a few positive health effects of not showering, but once you start on day 2 or 3 (or more!), things might get a little rough. While some results of skipping a morning rinse aren’t too surprising, such as body odor, others might shock you. Are you ready to find out what happens when you go without showering for a few days? Here are 25 Things That happen When You Don’t Shower For A While.

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Itchy Skin

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As most of you know, our skin secretes oils. When we don’t shower for a while, dirt and other polutants can stick to us, causing irritated and very itchy skin.


Psychological Aspects

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Sometimes, just taking a shower or rinse can do wonders to your motivation and zest for life. Not taking a shower can make you feel dirty and bring down your mental state.


You Can Get Sick


Our bodies are covered in about 1,000 different types of bacteria and about 80 kinds of fungi. Before you run for the shower this instant, keep in mind that many of those are good for you, helping you break down food and other necessary functions. However, if you don’t shower reqularly, this will leave room for the bad bacteria to win. Without showering, those bad bacteria will eventually find their way into your body through your mouth, nose, and even eyes. Now guess what? You’re sick.


You'll Carry More Bad Bacteria


Put simply, the good bacteria need your help! By showering, you are assisting your good guy bacteria friends in getting rid of all the bad bacteria. Yuck.


Skin Irritations and Blemishes

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Need more reasons to shower regularly? This is it. Your skin is naturally oily and salty, so not showering can lead to a build up of oil and cause irritation and blemishes.

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