25 Things Millennials Have Ruined

Are you a millennial, or are you close to any of them? If so, then this list might ruffle a few feathers.

At the same time, it’s very easy in this modern world to blame millennials for the world’s troubles.

While folks might have some valid reasons behind this, we can’t state that one single generation has ruined everything.

However, there are certain things that can be blamed on millennials and the simultaneous growth of technology.

Here are 25 things Millennials Have Ruined …

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Marriage is an institution that has been around for centuries. Although some millennials still follow this concept, many are holding off.

There are a variety of reasons why they are not quick to run to the altar.

Some want to explore life more while others are still looking for that “perfect” relationship they see on social media.




Many will attest that casual flings are not a new concept.

In the fast age of technological convenience, however, one can find pretty much anything with the push of a button.

It’s no surprise that many millennials are impatient with the thought of being committed to one person for the long haul.




Studies are showing that millennials are drinking less.

If they do drink, they opt for wine and liquor more than beer.

It may not be such a bad thing that alcohol consumption among young adults has gone down.


Hip Hop Music


There may be some backlash to this, but we’ll put it out there anyway.

Hip hop music, at one point, was about clever punchlines, catchy beats, and wordplay.

Then came the age of mumble rap. While some of these artists may have catchy beats, you need a print-out of the lyrics to understand the words.




Millennials are not hitting the open road on their motorcycles as much as their parents and grandparents did, back in the day.

For good reason: many millennials can’t afford to buy a motorcycle.

As mentioned in a previous point, they also live in places where public transport is more convenient.

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