25 Surprisingly Wise Quotes from Kids That’ll Inspire You

Posted by , Updated on March 25, 2024

Ever been provoked to deep thinking by the profound quotes of children? Children have a knack for getting their message across effectively. “Almost all the sincere truth-telling done in this world is by children,” claims Oliver Wendell Holmes, a notable American author and poet. Children truly possess powerful expressiveness. You may find some of their remarks startling, as they perceive life from an unique perspective. With lesser preconceived notions due to their limited exposure to the larger world, children’s views can be remarkably unbiased. It is often professed that children represent our future. Yet, they are frequently overlooked and dismissed by the majority of society. However, it is crucial that we acknowledge and pay attention to them. You could be taken aback by the depth of their thoughts. Discover 25 surprisingly insightful quotes by children that could stir your inspiration.





Mommy, I like it when we talk before I go to sleep, this is fun.

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Talking and communicating your true intentions and feelings is fun. In any kind of relationship you may have in your life, communication is key. When everyone is on the same page, life flows a little easier.


If you are feeling blue, try painting your self a different color.

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We all feel a little down sometimes. Hannah, age 8, says you can always try changing yourself to be a different color. Basically, she means you are in control of your own feelings. If your feeling sad, try and do something that you know will cheer yourself up.


Women are very underrated. They can do more but people expect them to do less.

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A boy was asked why he thought women got paid less than men. His answer was very interesting. In 2018, it was proven that women were paid 78 cents per every dollar earned by men, according to PayScale.


Love feels like heaven

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The boy then goes on to explain that love is love. He said he met his first love in kindergarten. She had long brown hair and was the most beautiful thing he as ever seen. He was right, love does feel like heaven.


I think the president shouldn't care what color you are and be very polite to everyone.

presidentsSource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1kxPojkSu0

KOAT News Station went to an elementary school in Albuquerque, New Mexico and asked the children what they taught about the 2016 presidential election. When asked what qualities the president should have, one child said being very polite to everyone is an important attribute. He was right, kindness and compassion does go a long way.


Animals. We should take care of them, not eat them.

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A 3 year old boy seemed to understand what being vegetarian means. He asked his mom, “Why do we eat animals if that means they will die?” He then goes on to explain that animals should be standing up happy not dying to be our food.


Every mom in the whole, wide world works. Even the moms that stay home and take care of their kids, that's work, too!

choresSource: https://www.today.com/parents/kids-say-darndest-things-11-quotes-will-make-you-laugh-t100875

Cullen, age 6, you are very right. Taking care of children is like a full time job. It’s an act of love so every moment is priceless.


The hospital was my favorite place because it was the only place I could see you.

HospitalSource: https://www.today.com/parents/kids-say-darndest-things-11-quotes-will-make-you-laugh-t100875

Carter, age 4, was telling his dad that he didn’t hate hospitals like his dad did. The hospital was the only place he was able to see his dad. So, that became his favorite place to go.


I'm trying to build a lego horse but my imagination isn't working right now.

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Hunter, age 4, somedays our imaginations don’t work. You just have to keep trying and never give up. Taking a break and getting fresh air helps clear your mind. It allows you to go back to your project with a new prospective.


You can make a wish, but it's not magic. People have to make it happen.

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Putting your hopes and dreams out into the universe doesn’t mean they will automatically come true. Sawyer, age 9, realizes that wishes aren’t magic but with a little hard work and determination you can make anything happen.


My daddy works so much because he loves me.

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Working hard for your family is a labor of love. Brandon, age 3, knows that his parents are working so they can take care of him their family.


I felt like today was going to be a bad Valentine's Day...since I don't have a man. But it was actually a pretty good day!

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Hannah, age 6, understands you don’t need a man on Valentine’s Day to feel loved. Having friends and family around that love and adore you is what it’s all about. Besides you will soon see that Valentine’s Day is everyday when you are with someone you love.


Mom, you know what? When people die, they're up in the stars. They're the shape of the stars.

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Life after death has been a conversation sinse the being of time. Where do our loved ones go when they die? Harrison, age 3, has the answer. They become the stars that shine on us, our guardians,  making sure we are all okay.


Sometimes I like to listen to Taylor Swift in my room and cry about cats that have died.

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Being in touch with your emotions will help you in the long run Hannah, age 6. It’s okay to sit in your room and cry sometimes, especially if  you have something built up in your heart. Handling your emotions in a heathy way is a life skill that not even some adults have fully got down.


In my heart, I'm still little.

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Jackson, age 9, knows the secret to staying forever young. Being silly and having fun isn’t only for kids. In your heart, you can always keep a piece your inner child.


Mommy guess what... I just love you.

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Ashlyn, age 6, knows there doesn’t need to be a special occasion to tell someone that you love them. We all should try to show more love to those we care about.


I better go to bed now. I have a dream locked up in my heart that I need to let out.

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Greta, age 4, you are right. A dream is a wish your heart makes. Sleeping has been proven to let out stress and allows your body to regenerate.


Fog is just clouds that have fell down.

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Dylan, age 6, you have the right idea. Fog is a form of cloud that touches the ground.  It forms when the air temperature becomes close to the temperature of the dew point.


If you listen very quietly, it sounds like the rain is playing music in the grass and the trees.

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Nature is capable of beautiful things if you take the time to see them. Like the trees dancing with the wind or the rain playing music in the grass. Gideon, age 6, understands natures beauty.


When I'm too big for you to hold, I'll hold you instead.

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Ashlyn, age 5, already understands the cycle of life. Children are cared for by their parents. Then, in some cases, the children then grow up to care for their parents.


I don't want to grow up. I just wanna be taller.

Mom and sonSource: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/hilarious-and-oddly-insightful-quotes-from-kids_n_56bdef80e4b08ffac124b744

Lila, you have the right idea. Growing up does stink. Working, doing chores and paying bills isn’t fun. However, being tall does come in handy. How else are you going to reach for the cookie jar on the third shelf?


Mommy, you need chocolate.

chocolateSource: https://www.factslides.com/s-Chocolate

Pierce, age 3, you are wise beyond your years. Chocolate has actually been proven by scientists to increases brain waves that triggers relaxation.


I'm only doing weekends. I'm not doing Monday.

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We hear you Carter, age 4. If only the world worked that way. Mondays are the worst day of the week.


Mom, I can smell the love. I can smell the love of delicious coffee cake.

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If only adults had the power of smelling love, maybe then the world would be a happier place.


Let's go outside and look at the beautifulness

outdoorsSource: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/23-adorable-strange-and-totally-hilarious-quotes-from-kids_n_57d98478e4b0fbd4b7bcce65

Sometimes we need a 4 year old child to tell us to admire Mother Nature. Stop and smell the roses. Take a moment to look up and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

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