25 Strangest Date Night Ideas You Might Want To Try

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The only way to shake up your love life is with strange date night ideas. Because, we have news for you, Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, believe it or not. Even if you’re not really into this Hallmark holiday, you might still be looking for some out-of-the-box ideas to woo the one who holds your heart. Let’s face it, sometimes our old standby date nights can become a bit boring. Let me help you mix it up by presenting these ideas collected from personal experience and around the web. Even if some of these ideas seem a bit strange, you may want to still give them a try if for no other reason than getting outside of your comfort zone. Here are 25 Strangest Date Night Ideas You Might Want To Try!



Nerf War

man shooting nerf gun

You can do this at home or in a wide open space outside. Both you and your partner grab your favorite Nerf gun, and it’s game on. It may sound silly, but acting like a kid again can be a great bonding experience.

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Shopping challenge

happy shoppinghttps://hellogiggles.com/love-sex/11-unusual-awesome-first-date-ideas/

Grab $20 each (or some preset amount), and hit your local grocery store. Your job is to buy creative menu items or things you think your partner would enjoy, and they shop for you. Set a time limit and then share your finds and create something together.


Visit a fortune teller

fortune tellerhttps://hellogiggles.com/love-sex/11-unusual-awesome-first-date-ideas/

This is a strange idea, indeed. If you’re into Tarot cards or trying to figure out your future, this is a date night idea for you. Having your significant other with you adds a level of excitement and can lead to interesting conversations.


Coffee shop & game

coffee and chesshttps://www.scoopwhoop.com/quirky-date-ideas/#.b2gh06o4n

Instead of working on your laptop at your local coffee shop, take your date out for some coffee and play a board or card game. It gets you out of the house, gives you a chance for delicious coffee and snacks, and see who’s the best player.


Take a trip to the beach...at night

couple on beach at night

A beach trip is always fun, but have you ever gone at night? It’s a great time to go. There are fewer people about and the moonlight adds a level of romance and intrigue. It’s also a lot cooler.

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