25 Strange Smelling Fragrances You Won’t Believe Exist

Posted by , Updated on October 14, 2018


From ancient times to now, colognes and perfumes remain one of the first cosmetic choices for both women and men. They are synonymous with beauty and sexuality and indicate that those who wear them have style, smell good, and are successful. At least most of these perfumes do, because as we recently discovered there are some scents that you are better off not wearing. Here are 25 strange smelling fragrances you won’t believe exist!

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Bodily Fluids

Bodily Fluids

A French company called Etat Libre d’Orange has created the perfume Sécrétions Magnifiques that smells like blood, sweat, sperm, and saliva. It’s all about human nature, isn’t it?


White Chocolate

White Chocolate

White Chocolate Delight by Opus Oils is a perfume that features among its ingredients what else—white chocolate!


Tobacco Lovers


Pipe Tobacco by Demeter is for all the people out there who love the smell of a good pipe, although I’m sure it’s not very popular in the antismoking community.


The Avengers


JADS International, a fragrance company, had the great idea to create a series of perfumes called Marvel’s The Avengers. According to the advertisement these supernatural scents will empower and bring out the superhero in all of us. To infinity and beyond!




Popcorn by Demeter is a perfume that has the scent of those buttery, salty kernels we all love to munch on at the movies. Crunchy!

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