25 Presidential Nicknames And Where They Came From

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It can be hard to get away from nicknames, even for a US president. Although nicknames are sometimes negative, they don’t have to be. Many of the names on this list (like Uncle Abe), refer to positive attributes or traits. These are 25 presidential nicknames and where they came from!


His Obstinacy - Grover Cleveland

His Obstinacy - Grover ClevelandSource: encyclopedia.com

He vetoed more bills than the first 21 presidents put together.


The Phrasemaker - Woodrow Wilson

The Phrasemaker - Woodrow WilsonSource: history.com

Thanks to his eloquence, he didn’t need speech writers.


Boatman Jim - James Garfield

Boatman Jim - James GarfieldSource: history.com

He worked on the Ohio canals when he was younger.


The Peanut Farmer - Jimmy Carter

The Peanut Farmer - Jimmy CarterSource: rd.com

He owned a peanut farm.


The Great Communicator - Ronald Reagan

The Great Communicator - Ronald ReaganSource: encyclopedia.com

Because, you guessed it, he was a great communicator.

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