25 Places You Can Get Away From Pretty Much Everything And Everybody

Posted by , Updated on June 23, 2014


From remote South American plateaus to isolated arctic tundras these are 25 places you can get away from pretty much everything and everybody.

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Halstatt, Austria

best places to get away

This small mining town of barely a thousand residents sits isolated along the shores of a high alpine lake.


Cape York Peninsula, Australia

best places to get away

One of the largest swaths of undeveloped land in the world, there is only one unpaved road leading into this place.


Pitcairn Island

best places to get away

This extremely remote island is thousands of miles from basically any substantial landmass. It only has 50 inhabitants and ships only arrive every few months.


Supai, Arizona

best places to get away

This town located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon is so hard to access that mail is still delivered by mule.


Koryak Okrug, Siberia

best places to get away

This place is so sparsely populated that when a 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck the region in 2006 there were no casualties.

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