25 Of The Saddest And Most Depressingly Named Places On Earth

Although we’ve done some lists on strange place names, today we are going to be talking about strange place names that fall under a specific category – those with depressing and sad undertones. Don’t be quick to judge these locations though. Many of them are in fact quite cheerful and would certainly be worth a visit. A good bit of these places are in the United States (not surprising considering that it’s one of the bigger English speaking countries), but there are others that are all over the world. Whether it’s Massacre Island in Canada or the town of Defeated, Tennessee, these places all have one thing in common…their sad and depressing vibe. It’s probably a lovely place to visit, but you definitely don’t want to propose on Mistake Island, Maine. That would not lead to a happy conclusion. Regardless, you’ll most likely find it amusing that people actually considered naming these places the way the did. And although there is probably a lengthy story and justification behind every single one, from our perspective all we see is Grumpy Dog Road or Little Hope, Texas. So if you like maps and geography then get ready because these are 25 of the saddest and most depressingly named places on Earth.

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Dead Dog Island, Canada

Dead Dog Island, CanadaSource: google

Cape Disappointment, Washington

Cape Disappointment, WashingtonSource: google

Mistake Island, Maine

Mistake Island, MaineSource: google

Mount Despair, Montana

Mount Despair, MontanaSource: google

Defeated, Tennessee

Defeated, TennesseeSource: google

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