25 Of The Most Famous UFO Sightings On Record

Whether you’re a die hard aliens-are-real-and-they-want-to-kill-us-all conspiracy theorist or you think that the closest we’ll ever get to meeting extra terrestrials is shaking hands with Dennis Rodman, in the most objective sense possible these are 25 of the most famous UFO sightings on record.

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Captain William Schnaffner Incident, North Sea (1970)

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Captain William Schaffner was an American exchange pilot flying with the RAF. On the evening of September 8, 1970 an object appeared over the North Sea. He took off to follow it but shortly thereafter all radio communications were severed. His plane was eventually found on the sea floor with the canopy closed but no sign of the Captain. UFO enthusiasts were all over this one.


Berwyn Mountains, Wales (1974)

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Following several ground tremors and the alleged appearance of strange lights in the sky locals claimed that it was caused by UFOs landing. Most scientists, however, point to earthquake lights as the cause.


Yeni Kent Compound, Turkey (2008)

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In 2008, a guard at the Yeni Kent Compound in Turkey videotaped a series of lights in the sky over a four-month period. His videos became pretty famous in the “aliens are real” community.


Belgium Wave (1989-1990)

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Sometime between 1989 and 1990, thousands of Belgians claimed to have seen UFOs in the form of large, silent and low-flying black triangles. The government, however, stated that they were military helicopters.


Lubbock Lights, Texas (1951)

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In 1951 three professors from Texas Technical College spotted roughly 20-30 strange looking lights flying in a V-shape formation near Lubbock, Texas. The sighting became famous though, thanks to a photograph taken by a student.

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