25 Of The Most Famous UFO Sightings On Record

Whether you’re a die hard aliens-are-real-and-they-want-to-kill-us-all conspiracy theorist or you think that the closest we’ll ever get to meeting extra terrestrials is shaking hands with Dennis Rodman, in the most objective sense possible these are 25 of the most famous UFO sightings on record.

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Greifswald Lights, East Germany (1990)

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On August 24, 1990 East German and Russian personnel working at the nuclear power plant recorded these clusters of UFOs as they appeared to group in the sky over a very sensitive location.


Warrenton Sighting, South Africa (1994)

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A farmer claimed to have made repeated observations of a noisy, nighttime craft travelling at great speeds, beside what he described as a ‘mother ship’. The craft’s noise was compared to the sound of a helicopter or Volkswagen Beetle engine.


Warden Sighting, South Africa (2000)

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In 2000, a police inspector claimed that he observed a UFO while he was travelling on the N3 freeway near Warden in South Africa. He described the UFO as an orange, oval-shaped light that was large enough to cover four lanes of freeway.


Kolkata Sighting, India (2007)

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In 2007, several people claimed to have spotted a fast moving flying object between 3:30 AM and 6:30 AM in Kolkata, India. The object was spherical to triangular in shape and emitted a bright light forming a halo.


Vancouver Sighting, Canada (2011)

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On February 20, 2011 residents of Vancouver spotted and recorded green and red blinking stationary lights. Upon inspection of the film, however, it turned out to be a simple kite with LED lights attached to it.

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