25 Of The Most Controversial Heroes Ever

Heroes give us hope. They make us remember that there is still something good in the world. Or do they? Well, it depends on your perspective…as always. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and the same can be said of heroes. Was Genghis Khan a hero? To some people in Central Asia he was. They even build huge statues to honor his memory. But if you move a little farther west you will start to get a different picture. He was also a warlord who brutally conquered tribes and killed thousands. On the one hand Churchill stood against what the Germans tried to do to his own people, but on the other hand he couldn’t care less about what his own people were doing to India. Columbus discovered America, and also helped start the slave trade. The list goes on. Now, not everybody on our list is there in a serious manner. Topics like this need to be lightened up a bit. So yes, we have included some humor. You will know it when you come to it. If there’s anything you can get out of this list though, it should be that history is never so cut and dry. These are 25 of the most controversial heroes ever.

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Che Guevara

Che GuevaraSource: Reddit, Image: pixabay

Although in super cool hipster circles his image stands for anti-materialism and being “against the man”…there are good reasons that this doesn’t sit well with many people who lived in his world.


Guy Fawkes

Guy FawkesSource: Reddit, Image: pixabay

V for Vendetta basically made him a hero, but that isn’t quite the way he is seen in some parts of the world (England). Mainly because of the whole “I want to blow up a building full of people” thing.


Margaret Thatcher

Margaret ThatcherSource: Reddit, Image: pixabay

Although some women today laud her as a great female leader, others focus on the fact that Margaret had a very legitimate fear…that she may be prosecuted for war crimes.


Winston Churchill

Winston ChurchillSource: Reddit, Image: pixabay

Often seen as a great liberator, many of his views on things like eugenics differed very little from his German counterparts. Furthermore, nearly starving the continent of India really cemented his position as an anti-hero.


Peter Pan

Peter PanSource: Reddit, Image: pixabay

So we’re going to try interjecting some light hearted fiction into this mess of moral grayness. But seriously, he cut off Hook’s hand for no reason and basically kidnapped a bunch of kids. What was heroic?

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