25 Obnoxiously Expensive Celebrity Purchases That Seem Over The Top

It wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that celebrities seem to have it all in life: power, fame, influence, and wealth. Most of us often look up to them and dream about becoming like them. Many celebrities have become role models thanks to their impact and influential lifestyle, while others have paved the way for thousands of people out there who want to follow in their footsteps to success and make it big one day.

However, in many cases, some celebrities seem to lose control and with it their sanity as well. One such case is when they spend an obscene amount of money to buy material things that they usually don’t even need, when there are millions of people across the globe who are starving, homeless, or enduring other terrible situations such as terminal illness. From extremely expensive doghouses to gold-plated jets and pieces of hair that cost millions, here are 25 Obnoxiously Expensive Celebrity Purchases That Seem Over The Top and will either make you laugh or make you angry about the socioeconomic injustice of our age.

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Bono – A Plane Ticket (for his hat) for $1,700

bonoSource: zimbio.com, Image: Wikipedia

Bono is supposed to be a humanitarian who wants all the inequality and injustice in the world to be wiped out; at least that’s what he tells the media from time to time and claims in his songs. So what would such a humanitarian do if he went on vacation and accidentally left his favorite hat at home? He’d spend a ridiculous $1,700 to have it delivered by airplane.


Rachel Hunter – A Doghouse for $15,000

Rachel HunterSource: zimbio.com, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

It’s not that we’re shocked or anything, but what we worry about is that her German shepherd would be happier with a big bone.


Daniel Radcliffe – A Mattress for $17,000

Daniel RadcliffeSource: theguardian.com, Image: Wikipedia

A lot of people at Daniel’s age (he was twenty-two when he purchased the mattress) usually pay less than $17,000 a year on rent, but then again they aren’t Harry Potter. And to be completely honest, for a dude who was making $320,000 by age eleven, he’s really being humble; all he wants is a good night’s sleep, after all.


Miley Cyrus – Hair extensions for $24,000

MileySource: celebuzz.com, Image: Wikipedia

Think about it: Does she even use them?


Victoria Beckham – A Gold-Plated Cell Phone for $36,000

victoria BeckhamSource: bustle.com, Image: Wikipedia

The woman we once knew as Posh Spice spent an astonishing $35,998 on a Stuart Hughes twenty-four-karat cell phone. She probably missed her glorious ’90’s music career and wanted to make headlines without using her famous husband’s name!

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