25 Obnoxiously Expensive Celebrity Purchases That Seem Over The Top

Posted by , Updated on March 25, 2024

It wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that celebrities seem to have it all in life: power, fame, influence, and wealth. Most of us often look up to them and dream about becoming like them. Many celebrities have become role models thanks to their impact and influential lifestyle, while others have paved the way for thousands of people out there who want to follow in their footsteps to success and make it big one day.

However, in many cases, some celebrities seem to lose control and with it their sanity as well. One such case is when they spend an obscene amount of money to buy material things that they usually don’t even need, when there are millions of people across the globe who are starving, homeless, or enduring other terrible situations such as terminal illness. From extremely expensive doghouses to gold-plated jets and pieces of hair that cost millions, here are 25 Obnoxiously Expensive Celebrity Purchases That Seem Over The Top and will either make you laugh or make you angry about the socioeconomic injustice of our age.


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Bono – A Plane Ticket (for his hat) for $1,700

bonoSource: zimbio.com, Image: Wikipedia

Bono is supposed to be a humanitarian who wants all the inequality and injustice in the world to be wiped out; at least that’s what he tells the media from time to time and claims in his songs. So what would such a humanitarian do if he went on vacation and accidentally left his favorite hat at home? He’d spend a ridiculous $1,700 to have it delivered by airplane.


Rachel Hunter – A Doghouse for $15,000

Rachel HunterSource: zimbio.com, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

It’s not that we’re shocked or anything, but what we worry about is that her German shepherd would be happier with a big bone.


Daniel Radcliffe – A Mattress for $17,000

Daniel RadcliffeSource: theguardian.com, Image: Wikipedia

A lot of people at Daniel’s age (he was twenty-two when he purchased the mattress) usually pay less than $17,000 a year on rent, but then again they aren’t Harry Potter. And to be completely honest, for a dude who was making $320,000 by age eleven, he’s really being humble; all he wants is a good night’s sleep, after all.


Miley Cyrus – Hair extensions for $24,000

MileySource: celebuzz.com, Image: Wikipedia

Think about it: Does she even use them?


Victoria Beckham – A Gold-Plated Cell Phone for $36,000

victoria BeckhamSource: bustle.com, Image: Wikipedia

The woman we once knew as Posh Spice spent an astonishing $35,998 on a Stuart Hughes twenty-four-karat cell phone. She probably missed her glorious ’90’s music career and wanted to make headlines without using her famous husband’s name!


Tinie Tempah – Nike Shoes for $37,500

Tinie TempahSource: rollingstone.com, Image: Wikipedia

This English rapper whom most of you have probably never heard of has a huge shoe collection and never misses a chance to add new shoes to his lineup. For that reason, he purchased a pair of Nike Air Mags worth $37,500 a couple of years ago.


Lady Gaga – A Ghost Detector for $50,000

Lady GagaSource: popcrush.com, Image: Wikipedia

Even though we want to laugh to the point where we cry, we kind of understand when it comes to Lady Gaga. Let’s admit it—she’s unique, to put it sweetly, and if an expensive ghost detector makes her feel safe in her house, then she should have it.


Steven Spielberg – The Rosebud Sled for $60,000

Steven SpielbergSource: nytimes.com, Image: Wikipedia

Back in 1982, the iconic director spent an incredible $60,000 for Rosebud, the sled in Orson Welles’s 1941 classic Citizen Kane. Describing the film as “the most classic movie ever made,” Mr. Spielberg, who bid by telephone from Los Angeles, said the sled was a symbolic emblem of quality in the film business.


Beyoncé & Jay Z – A Barbie Doll for $80,000

beyonce-jay-z-Source: hiphopwired.com, Image: yourtango.com

Beyoncé and Jay Z reportedly spent a whopping $80,000 on a diamond-encrusted Barbie doll for their daughter Blue Ivy’s first birthday back in 2013. Specially customized, the doll is said to include 160 diamond gems as well as white gold jewelry. As Beyoncé has stated, it’s about raising her child with the appropriate principles and values, right?


Jessica Simpson – A Motorboat for $100,000

Jessica SimpsonSource: zimbio.com, Image: Wikipedia

In 2009, Jessica Simpson bought then-boyfriend Tony Romo a $100,000 motorboat. Romo accepted the gift and thanked Simpson by breaking up with her a day before her twenty-ninth birthday. Isn’t that lovely?


Beyoncé – Pair of Leggings for $100,000

beyonceSource: bet.com, Image: Wikipedia

Beyoncé has always tried to show the world how deep she is and how much she cares about the socioeconomic problems of the masses, especially those of her own community with the whole “Black Lives Matter” movement. Despite her support and cares about the problems of others, she (shockingly?) spent $100,000 for a pair of leggings to show off her booty.


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Mike Tyson – Two Bengal Tigers for $150,000

Mike TysonSource: ringtv.craveonline.com, Image: Wikipedia

Because Mike used to be the “baddest man on the planet,” and he had to live up to this title, he couldn’t just play with kitties or puppies, now could he?


Jennifer Aniston – Beauty Products for Around $140,000 (Annually)

Jennifer AnistonSource: zimbio.com, Image: Wikipedia

America’s sweetheart spends more or less $141,037 on everything from uber-expensive eyebrow-shaping appointments to high-end private yoga sessions and dietitian-approved, premade meals each year to look as fabulous as she does. Not bad for a girl who started her career on a TV comedy!


Tom Cruise – In-House Sonogram Machine for $200,000

Tom CruiseSource: people.com, Image: Wikipedia

When his former wife Katie Holmes was pregnant with their child, Tom Cruise decided to make her pregnancy as smooth as possible, so he bought her an in-house sonogram machine she could use a few times, which eventually became useless once they divorced. However, the point Tom was probably trying to make was: Why go to a hospital when you can have it all at home?


Jay Z – Bottles of Champagne for $250,000

Jay ZSource: independent.co.uk, Image: Wikipedia

Jay Z knows how it feels to live in extreme poverty and have a hard-knock life. He even made a song about it. However, once he made it big, it seems he forgot all about the hood. One of his favorite hobbies is now throwing down $250,000 on a few bottles of Armand de Brignac, a luxury champagne known as the “Ace of Spades.”


Nicolas Cage – A Dinosaur Skull for $276,000

Nicolas CageSource: theguardian.com, Image: Wikipedia

It’s not just the money Nicolas Cage spent on a dinosaur skull (that would definitely work better in a paleontology museum rather than his living room), but the fact that he put his friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio at risk when he outbid him on it back in 2007.


Paris Hilton – A Doghouse for $325,000

Paris HiltonSource: treehugger.com, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

It’s one thing to live in a $325,000 McMansion yourself, but to buy one just for your dogs demonstrates a brand-new level of excess and disrespect for all the people around the world who don’t even have the basics to live an average life. But hey, Paris Hilton is probably really proud that her dogs live in a more expensive house than billions of people do worldwide.


Brad Pitt – A Painting for $960,000

Brad PittSource: businessinsider.com, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

We all know Brad Pitt is one of those celebrities who doesn’t miss a chance to point out the injustices in the world at every public appearance. Which is why it might come as a surprise to discover that he once bought a painting by a German artist named Neo Rauch that costs nearly a million dollars.


Rihanna – Hair for $1 Million

RhiannaSource: bet.com, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Yep, Rihanna spends about twenty-five times the amount of money the average American makes in a year on just hair.


Angelina Jolie – A Helicopter for $1 Million

Angelina JolieSource: thesun.co.uk, Image: Wikipedia

In May 2012, UK tabloid The Sun reported that Angelina Jolie had shelled out $1 million on a luxury helicopter. While we initially thought she’d use the helicopter to visit developing countries to show her compassion and support for their problems, we have learned that she bought it exclusively for Brad to show him her love and devotion.


Nicolas Cage – A Comic Book Collection for $2.1 Million

Nicolas CageSource: hollywoodreporter.com, Image: Wikipedia

As a die-hard comic book fan myself, it wouldn’t be right to criticize Mr. Cage for his passion since most of us hard-core comic book fans would do exactly the same if we could afford it. This one gets a pass from me, even though I’m pretty sure many of you will find it ridiculous to spend a million dollars on comic books.


Tamara Ecclestone – A Bathtub for $1.5 million

Tamara EcclestoneSource: dailymail.co.uk, Image: Wikipedia

When you’re the daughter of billionaire Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone and live your whole life in a house worth $75 million, how do you kill time? By decorating your bathroom with crystal and other valuable stones, of course! What, that’s not what you do?


Céline Dion – A Humidifier for Her Las Vegas Home for $2 Million

Celine_Dion_Concert_Singing_Taking_Chances_2008Source: dailymail.co.uk, Image: Wikipedia

If your average humidifier costs around $20, Céline Dion’s costs $2 million. Listen, we like Céline a lot, and she’s been having a very rough year, for which we’re sorry, and we get that she wants to pamper her well-trained vocal cords, but isn’t this a little too much?


Kim Basinger – A Whole Town for $20 Million

Kim BasingerSource: nytimes.com, Image: Wikipedia

In case you wondered whether there’s a queen when it comes to the most ridiculous purchases by female celebrities, we happily inform you that her name is Kim Basinger. The actress didn’t purchase a castle, a doghouse, or an expensive car, but an entire town in Georgia for $20 million back in 1989.


Donald Trump – A Gold-Plated Jet for $100 million

Donald TrumpSource: businessinsider.com, Image: Wikipedia

Among other astute observations since his campaign launch, Donald Trump noted, “I’m really rich.” So what has he done with some of his money? He has gold-plated his yacht, his cars, his bathroom, and even his luxurious jet, which he uses for his presidential campaign.


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