25 Movies and TV Shows That Deserve Reboots

Posted by , Updated on March 25, 2024

What movies or television shows do you have fond memories of? Some of us loved action and adventure flicks while others enjoyed science fiction. Perhaps you remember watching a sitcom about a family you secretly wished you were a part of. There are plenty of movies and television programs that shaped a generation. T.V shows like Cheers and movies like Labyrinth hold a special place for many of us.

With all the remakes that Hollywood is doing, what show or film would you like to see get remade or rebooted? Technology has come so far, and it looks like it’s only advancing. Here are 25 Nearly Forgotten Movies and TV Shows That Deserve Reboots.





If you grew up in the ’80s, you probably remember watching ALF on Monday nights. ALF (short for alien life form) was a show about an alien named Gordan Shumway from the planet Melmac, whose spaceship crashes in the garage of a regular family called The Lomaxes.

The show ran for four years and ended in 1990. It would be interesting to see what the Lomaxes have been up to.


Altered States

alteredStates Pichttps://movieweb.com/wb-to-remake-altered-states/

Hollywood has remade its share of classic movies. A lot of them (but not all) didn’t do that great. Yet, with all the advancements of technology, a movie like Altered States could be made into something quite phenomenal (if it’s done right).

Altered States was a science fiction movie starring William Hurt as a scientist who tries to prove that other states of consciousness are as real as the ones we experience while awake. He begins taking hallucinogens and goes into a sensory deprivation chamber, where he goes on one long nightmare of a drug trip. The movie had some great visuals for the ’80s. Just imagine what they could do now.




It seems like this is the decade of superhero shows. You got The Flash, Supergirl, Titans, and of course many others. So, why not add Superman to that list? Or, technically, Clark Kent before he became Superman.

They could either do a remake or a reboot. A reboot would be cool because there are a lot of actors we would love to see share the screen again. The only problem with the plan is that one of the cast members (Alison Mack) may be going to prison for a long time for sex trafficking.

It may be interesting to see how they would do a remake. Would they use the same storyline of the original or change it around?


A Clockwork Orange


Malcolm McDowell was fantastic as the lead character and villain Alex in the movie A Clockwork Orange, based on the novel by Anthony Burgess. The movie came out in 1971, and obviously, times and technology have changed.

The book and movie were about a gang in England led by Alex DeLarge whose enjoyment derives from raping, fighting, and terrorizing innocent people. We’re sure, with all that’s going on in the world today, it wouldn’t be hard to do a realistic remake of this movie.


Freaks and Geeks


There is a cadre of actors who had their big break in Freaks and Geeks, including Seth Rogan, Jason Siegal, Linda Cardellini, and even James Franco.

The show didn’t run for very long but it was a cult classic. It centers around Lindsay, a smart girl trying to shed her geeky image, and her younger (also geeky) brother, Sam, as they try to survive growing up.




Clue, surprisingly, is getting a remake and it is going to star Ryan Reynolds. The original film starred Tim Curry, Martin Mull, Christopher Lloyd, and Michael McKean.

It’s probably the only movie based on a board game that was any good. Let’s hope the remake does the original justice.




The sitcom Martin was the pinnacle of Hip Hop and comedy in the ’90s. It starred comedian Martin Lawrence as the title character. The show was about a DJ and his girlfriend, her best friend, and her best friend’s boyfriend (who was also Martin’s best friend) and Martin’s other best friend (are you with us so far?)

The show ran for five years, but problems arose when Tisha Campbell, who played Martin’s girlfriend, Gina, accused the actor of sexual harassment. The feud lasted 20 years, but in 2018 they made peace and there is the talk of a reunion show taking place.


Queen of the Damned


The Vampire Chronicles were a mega-hit book series written by Anne Rice and made into blockbuster movies. One of these movies was Queen of the Damned and starred the late singer “Aaliyah” (who tragically lost her life in a plane crash).

The graphics and special effects were amazing. If remade today, it could be outstanding. In order to pay homage to the late singer, they would need to cast someone who would do the role justice.




“Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name.”

If you were a Cheers fan, you know the rest of that song. Cheers had some memorable characters: Sam Malone (the handsome bartender played by Ted Danson), Diane (Shelly Long), Norm (the regular), Cliff (the mailman), and (lest we forget) a very young Woody Harrelson. Oh, and Rhea Pearlman as the sarcastic scene-stealing waitress, Carla.

The setting of Cheers was in a bar in Boston and dealt with the lives of the workers and patrons. Although it was a sitcom, if it were done as a reboot, hopefully, Norm will have stopped drinking after 30 something years.




We are almost reluctant to put this one up here because nobody could play The Goblin King quite like David Bowie (rest in peace). Also, the movie is such a classic that if they were going to reboot or remake it, then it would have to be perfect. But, in all honesty, who wouldn’t like to see what became of Sarah and her baby brother, Toby?

Let’s do a quick recap. A high schooler named Sarah is obsessed with fantasy roleplay. She has to babysit her baby brother, Toby. After she tells her brother a scary story, she says the dreaded words, “I wish the goblins would take you away, right now.”

Thus begins an epic quest of Sarah and a squad of new friends she meets on her way to rescue her brother from the evil Goblin King.




Oh, the comments we will get for this one, and probably other ones too. The series finale of Seinfeld left many viewers feeling a little gypped. Jerry, Elaine, Kraker, and George are sent to prison for not helping somebody who was getting mugged or something like that.

It’s been quite some time. Let’s see what they’ve all been up to since prison.

Of course, they could never do this show as a remake. It would have to be the original cast, which may be a problem for Julia-Louie Dreyfuss who played Elaine. She currently stars on the HBO show Veep.




There would have to be some changes to the storyline if they remade Kids (no disrespect to Harmony Korine). In case you never saw Larry Clarke’s Kids, here is a summary. It centers around Telly and Jenny, two teens who had sex with each other a while back, leaving Jenny positive for the HIV virus.

The movie shows her going around NYC looking for Telly to tell him he infected her before he can infect someone else. Telly doesn’t know he is positive because he thinks he is only having sex with virgins.

When this movie came out, it was during the time we didn’t have as much information about HIV and Aids as we do now. It was also before cellphones were widely used. So, now that cellphones are everywhere, they would need to come up with an entirely different storyline, while still keeping the integrity of the story.




It’s baffling why they canceled this show. It’s even worse that you can’t find the DVDs anywhere. They need to bring back this show, like yesterday.

The acting was great, especially John Glover as “The Devil”. The plot was great too: souls escaping Hell and a good cop gets sent to Hell has to track them down.

They could do this as a reboot, or a remake. Either way is good for us.


Three Amigos!


Instead of three actors in the early 20th century who go to Mexico to save a village from a ruthless tyrant and his henchman (the actors believe they are shooting a movie), the movie remake could take place in the 21st century.

Maybe the actors go to Saudia Arabia with the CIA while they get mistaken for an elite group of agents. Actor Chris Hemsworth supposedly wants to remake Three Amigos. It could be interesting to watch … and highly entertaining.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer


It’s time! Yes, Buffy needs a makeover. Many of the cast could be brought back: Buffy, Willow, Xander, Spike, Cordelia … heck, even Angel too (if David Boreanaz leaves Seal Team).

New episodes, new evils to fight, and better CGI. We can also see if Buffy ends up with Angel or Spike.




WarGames starred a young Matthew Broderick and took place at the height of the Cold War.

Broderick played a young hacker who almost starts World War 3. The movie is a classic ’80s film and can definitely be made with stories of wars that are happening today.


Joan of Arcadia


It’s been 16 years since Joan of Arcadia went off the air. It only lasted roughly two seasons. Joan of Arcadia was about a teenage girl named Joan who talks to God, who appears as different people and gives her assignments in order to help others.

Toward the end of the show, Joan is introduced to a mysterious stranger (played by Wentworth Miller of the show Prison Break). Miller’s character was supposed to be the opposite of Joan. What happened to these characters, in the ultimate fight of good versus evil?




Yes, we understand this movie got remade already, but apparently it was nothing compared to the original. There was so much they could have done with the reboot, like giving Keifer Sutherland his original role in the remake and not some stupid supporting character with a different name.

You know what? Maybe bring back the original cast and do the whole remake over again. Then, hopefully, it would be better.


The Nanny


Audiences everywhere fell in love with Fran Drescher as the nanny from Long Island New York who unwillingly goes to work for a wealthy business owner and his children. Toward the end of the series, Fran falls in love and marries her boss, Mr. Shefield.

It’s been quite some time. Perhaps we could have a reboot and Fran has to train a new nanny (a millennial activist), or a remake with a new star. Drescher has mentioned she’d like to see rapper Cardi B as the “Nanny”.


Honey, I Shrunk the Kids


It spawned a few sequels and even a short-lived T.V. show. Now maybe it’s time for a remake of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. There could be a few changes made, some familiar faces, or perhaps a complete makeover.

What do you think the storyline could be? Would you want new faces or the old ones? Since they’ve already shrunk the kids, shrunk themselves, and even made one of the kids humongous, maybe they need to shrink Earth.


Quantum Leap


Quantum Leap was such a great time-travel show. In fact, some would say it was the best. Every week, fans of the show would tune in to hear the intro, “Theorizing that one could travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished.”

Every week, Beckett was in a different time and a different body. In the last episode, he leaps into himself, rights a wrong for a friend, and is never seen or heard from. We need to know what happened to Dr. Beckett.

Donald Bellisario (the creator of the show) apparently has been working on a movie script of the show.


The People Under the Stairs


Wes Craven fans will definitely remember The People Under The Stairs, a movie that focused on greed, cruelty, and the misunderstood. It centers around a boy nicknamed Fool who breaks into a creepy house owned by a sadistic landlord and his wife/sister.

These landlords are the definition of true evil. They are racist and imprison their family members under the house (hence the title). A remake could be great. Mix a little Purge in there, maybe a dash of The Hills Have Eyes. Before Wes Craven died, there were talks of a remake.


The Brady Bunch


You have to admit, you thought about this one already. The original was a classic and was part of many childhoods. It might be time to give the generation of today a chance to experience the happiness of the Brady family.

There is nothing wrong with a modern take on the story. It could even be made into a drama series. In fact, they already did a movie The Brady Bunch back in 1995 and it was pretty funny.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


There are some movies that, although they are family movies, still bring out a little bit of fear. The scenes with The Toymaker from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang probably gave some of us sleepless nights. The Toymaker was a kidnapper who lured children in with promises of toys and sweets, before locking them in a moving cage.

The music in the movie was great, however, and it would be interesting to see a new cast and new directors take on the film. (Maybe have Marilyn Manson play The Toymaker.)


The Facts of Life


If you were alive in the ’80s then you know the theme song, “You take the good …” (Come on, don’t be shy.)

Facts of Life was a coming-of-age story that focused on the house mother of a group of girls at a boarding school. The show had the snobby girl, the bad girl, and the naive, innocent girl. The show lasted nine years.

Facts of Life would make a good reboot using issues that young people of today face. The stars of the show could even play mentors to the new group of wayward teens.

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