25 Most Popular Urban Legends Still Being Told

Whether it’s an unsolved mystery, a popular misconception, or sometimes just a big hoax, urban legends are an inevitable part of any culture. Told around campfires, at parties, or in casual conversation, these myths still find a way to be handed down from generation to generation. Even with the resources at our finger tips, many urban legends refuse to be stamped out. Often, they have their origin in some vaguely twisted version of a true story which only make them sound reasonable and true. Regardless of their veracity, they make for a good tale around the fire. Here are the 25 Most Popular Urban Legends Still Being Told.

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The 9/11 Tourist Guy

world trade center

Shortly after 9/11 a photo circulated showing a tourist standing on top one of the World Trade Center towers with one of the airplanes in the background of the shot about to strike the tower. The accompanying story explained how the camera was found in the wreckage but the tourist remained missing. Aside from all of the very inconsistent details in the picture, the story already seemed completely improbable, and several people came forward claiming to be the prankster responsible. It wasn’t until recently, however, that the real culprit was discovered in Hungary. He has since apologized to the families for making light of their situation.


USA, Japan

USA Japan

Yes, there is a town in Japan called Usa. No, the Japanese did not rename it after World War II so that they could legitimately stamp their exports with the phrase “Made in USA.”


The Poisonous Daddy Long Legs

daddy long legs

There has been a persistent rumor circulating for some time that the daddy long legs spider is the most poisonous in the world but cannot kill humans because its fangs are too small. Where this rumor started no one knows, but one thing is for sure, the daddy long legs is certainly not the most poisonous spider in the world. If you’re going to be careful around spiders, we would advise keeping your eyes open for the brown recluse or the funnel web spider.


The Hook

the hook

This legend tells of a young boy and girl who drive off into the woods only to hear on the radio that a convicted killer with a hook for one of his arms has just escaped from a nearby mental facility. The boy simply locks the car door and insists they stay, but the girl wants to leave. The boy reluctantly drives away and when they return home, depending on the version of the story, there is a bloody hook hanging on the outside handle of the car door.


The Boyfriend’s Death

dark figure

Very similar in style to the previous story, this legend also involves two young lovers stopped on an abandoned country road. The boyfriend gets out of the car to use the bathroom but doesn’t come back for some time. The girl gets out and looks for him only to see a dark figure in the shadows. She runs back to the car and starts it but realizes that the back bumper has been tied to a tree. She hears a scream and after turning around, sees her boyfriend hanging from the tree.

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