25 Most Disturbingly Evil Kids In History

Can you imagine what it’s like living with a psychopathic child? It can be quite challenging. And although the vast majority of psychopaths aren’t violent, some do turn into child killers.

So whether it’s the worst kid in the world or famous child serial killers, these are the 25 Most Disturbingly Evil Kids In History.

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Jon Venables and Robert Thompson

James_bulger_abductionSource: bizarrepedia.com

After a long day of stealing things at the local mall in Bootle, England, 10-year-olds Jon and Robert abducted 2-year-old James Bulger. Security cameras show them leading James away to his brutal torture and death.


Peter Woodcock

torontoSource: murderpedia.org

As a teenager, Peter killed and raped three young children in the Toronto area in the 1950’s. After his arrest, he went on to murder another inmate at the psychiatric ward in which he was being kept.


Laurie Tackett and Melinda Loveless

Shanda Sharer memorialSource: la times

Along with two other girls, Tackett and Loveless abducted, tortured, stabbed, and burned Shanda Sharer to death. Apparently Melinda had dated Shanda at one point, but they had broken up, and Shanda got a new girlfriend. This made Melinda jealous and led to one of the most brutal murders in US history.


Craig Price

fenceSource: Providencejournal.com

In 1989, a 15-year-old Craig was arrested for murdering 4 people in his neighborhood. Since being in prison, he has gotten in numerous fights and been relocated at least once. Just this year, 2017, he was convicted of stabbing and attempted murder of a fellow inmate.


Brenda Ann Spencer

window shotSource: murderpedia.org

In 1979, 16-year-old Brenda shot 8 kids and one police officer to death at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego. She also killed the principal and the custodian. When asked why she did it, she said, “It was just a lot of fun.”

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