25 Most Awe Inspiring Canyons In The World

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When it comes to awe inspiring geography it’s usually mountains that come to mind, but the other extreme can be just as incredible. We’re talking about canyons. Whether they are deep and narrow or long and winding, canyons come in all shapes and sizes. Possibly the most famous is the Grand Canyon in the United States. In fact, that is one of the main things that visitors to the US go to see in the former wild west. So, what is it about canyons that makes them so impressive. Of course, knowing a little bit about the science behind the creation of canyons can definitely help, but unless you have actually visited one of these massive gorges it is hard to describe what exactly is so incredible about them. But today we are going to attempt to take you on a journey without ever leaving your comfortable couch (or wherever you are). Maybe you’ll get some inspiration from this to set out and see them yourselves. Maybe you’ll only be inspired to google a few images and read about them on Wikipedia. But either way, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this list of the 25 most awe inspiring canyons in the world!


Dadès Gorge (Morocco)

Dadès Gorge (Morocco)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Home to many Berber villages, this valley was originally settled due to the fact that it provided natural defenses.


Mides Canyon (Tunisia)

Mides Canyon (Tunisia)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

If you’ve ever seen The English Patient then you’ll recognize this canyon as one of the filming locations


Charyn Canyon (Kazahkstan)

Charyn Canyon (Kazahkstan)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Found near the border with China, this canyon can reach depths of up to 300 meters


Itaimbezinho (Brazil)

Itaimbezinho (Brazil)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

In the local language its name means “cut rock”


Zion Canyon (USA)

Zion Canyon (USA)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Found in Utah it is home to the world’s largest arch (Kolob Arch)

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