25 Interesting Things You Did Not Know About World War I

One of the most devastating conflicts in all of history, the First World War set the stage for the rest of the century and what would include another, even more brutal conflict. These are 25 interesting things you did not know about World War I.

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The Trenches


German trenches were in stark contrast to British trenches. German trenches were built to last and included bunk beds, furniture, cupboards, water tanks with faucets, electric lights, and doorbells



World War 1 Dog Fight

The term “dogfight” originated during WWI. The pilot had to turn off the plane’s engine from time to time so it would not stall when the plane turned quickly in the air. When a pilot restarted his engine midair, it sounded like dogs barking.


A High Cost


The total cost of WWI for all involved is an estimated $185 billion.


Victory Gardens

victory gardens

Herbert Hoover, who would become president in 1929, was appointed U.S. Food Administrator. His job was to provide food to the U.S. army and its allies. He encouraged people to plant “Victory Gardens,” or personal gardens. More than 20 million Americans planted their own gardens, and food consumption in the U.S decreased by 15%.


Germans in America

book burning

During WWI, people of German heritage were suspect in the U.S. Some protests against Germans were violent, including the burning of German books, the killing of German shepherd dogs, and even the murder of one German-American.

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