25 Insane Weapons That Actually Exist

It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention. Over the centuries, humanity has found all kinds of evil and deadly ways to survive and be safe. Advancing through war and conflict with one civilization trying to get a leg up over the other, weapons continued to evolve, but with the same purpose always in mind – to survive. Of course, we’re all aware of swords, guns, and bombs. But what about historically obscure or super top secret weapons? Believe it or not, humans have come up with some bizarre ways to kill each other. Here are 25 Insane Weapons That Actually Exist.

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Soviet Kamikaze Dogs

soviet diesel dogsSource: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Dog lovers may want to skip this one. In World War II, the Soviets trained their dogs to do all kinds of things for them. Now, they wanted to train them to run to their deaths. Strapping explosives to their backs, they taught them to run straight at Nazi tanks. The bombs would explode on impact, killing the dogs.


German Gustav and Dora Rail Cannons

GeschützDora2Source: http://gizmodo.com

Hitler desperately wanted to conquer France. However, the only way to do that was to get through the Maginot Line, a heavily fortified border running along Germany and Italy. Enter the German Gustav and Dora Rail Cannons, the largest cannons ever built. They weighed 1,344 tons and even though they were attached to a rail line, couldn’t be moved for fear of crushing the tracks. They were also hilariously inaccurate and barely saw much any real action. The Gustav was captured, and The Nazis ended up scrapping the Dora entirely so the Soviets couldn’t get their hands on it.


Hand Mortar


Designed in the 1500’s, the hand mortar was designed to propel a grenade further than a hand could throw it. Though it wasn’t a particularly popular weapon, most European armies in the fifteenth and sixteenth century used them.



MaduSource: https://www.revolvy.com

The Madu is an ancient weapon from India. While it may look like a frisbee from hell, it’s actually a standard shield and parrying weapon. People who used it would stand low to the ground to protect their important body parts and then strike when the opportunity presented itself.


Greek Fire

GreekfireSource: https://www.britannica.com

While we’re on ancient weapons, let’s talk about Greek Fire. Used primarily at sea, the Byzantine Greeks would launch a wave of fire at attacking Arab ships. The attack method’s success kept the Byzantine Greeks safe for centuries. The weapon’s design was so secret that we have no record of it today.

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