25 Incredibly Creative Bench Ads

Posted by , Updated on January 11, 2024

Although park benches may not be the first thing that comes to mind when contemplating creative advertising, many times its the places you least expect that you find the greatest examples of what you’re looking for. As a case in point, consider the following bench advertisements. With everything from Amnesty International to Pampers, these are 25 incredibly creative bench ads.

Denver Water – Use Only What You Need

Denver water you only use what you need

From partially constructed billboards to half finished park benches, Denver Water’s popular “only use what you need” campaign promotes sustainability around the city.


Marylhurst University – We’re Closer Than You Think

Marylhurst University - we're closer than you think

This cleverly designed desk on a bench creatively suggests how easy it is to enroll at Marylhurst University.


BMX Rider Magazine

BMX rider magazine bench ad

It’s an ad campaign targeting the adrenaline junkies. Sit at your own risk.


Becherovka – Get Closer

Becherovka - get closer

This traditional Czech liquor markets itself with the slogan “get closer” which is exactly what this bench forces people to do.


District 9 – Humans Only

District 9 - humans only

This bus bench is advertising the movie District 9 in which aliens are treated as second class citizens in South African refugee camps.


Travel Alberta

Travel Alberta - ski bench ad

Made for Travel Alberta, these benches found around the city of Toronto had people sitting on fake ski lifts as they waited for their bus.


Emirates Today – Small In Size, Heavy In Content

Emirates Today - small in size heavy in content bench ad

The slogan of this English newspaper – small in size, heavy in content – is perfectly incorporated into the slanted construction of this park bench.


Hinz & Kunzt – Don’t Let This Place Be A Home

Hinz & Kunzt - don't let this place be a home

The popular newspaper Hinz & Kunzt sponsored this ad to raise awareness on behalf of homeless people living on the street. The bench reads “don’t let this place be a home”.


Clean and Safe

Clean and safe bench ad

It’s not so much the ad that draws your attention as much as it is it’s lack of effectiveness.



Pampers bench ad

The slogan on this ad reads “see how sitting can be a real work out”. The aim is to make you see the world from a toddler’s perspective.


Cancer Research

Cancer research bench ad

Cancer Research UK used this bench ad to commemorate survivors of the disease. On top of the bench is written the phrase “Susan James loved sitting here and still does thanks to research into cancer”.



IKEA bench ad

IKEA went all out to make this everyday park bench as appealing as possible.



Cellulitis bench ad

Without getting too graphic, this bench ad by Nivea manages to smoothly suggest how its product can help fight cellulite.


Amnesty International

Amnesty International - no to capital punishment

This Amnesty International bench ad at a Barcelona bus stop is designed to look like a pair of electric chairs that silently protest capital punishment.


Martial Arts Academy

Martial Arts Academy

Whatever you do don’t upset the karate masters at this dojo. Apparently their hands can chop through stone benches.


Global Warming

Global Warming bench ad

Put on by Offsetters, this downtown Vancouver campaign raised awareness for global warming by putting life vests under benches and even having lifeguard stands around the city.


Sooruz – What To Get A Skater For Christmas

streetwear clothing bench ad

Sooruz, the French surfwear company had these park benches wrapped up just in time for Christmas season as part of its “what to get a skater for Christmas campaign”.



lose weight bench ad

Gelatoni came out with a concept similar to the Becherovka ad but for a different reason. In an lighthearted attempt to encourage fitness they show you what can happen if you don’t.



hot coffee bench ad

The German branch of Campbell Soup Company uses this clever bench ad to promote their “heisse tasse” product.


Istanbul Reading Promotion

Book bench ad

In order to promote reading the city of Istanbul placed these book shaped benches around the city. Each bench featured actual works written by Turkish poets.


Extra Safe

Extra Safe bench ad

Extra Safe came out with these seat belt strapped benches to advertise the security of its investments.


Fitness First – Digital Scale

Fitness First - digital scale bench ad

The Dutch gym Fitness First rigged several benches around town with digital scales to make people aware of how much they need their services.


Kit Kat

Kit Kat

There are probably few benches in the world that will make you hungrier than this one.


Melbourne Citymission – Kids Should’t Grow Up On The Street

Melbourne Citymission - height chart

Melbourne Citymission used this creative height chart campaign raise awareness about kids growing up on the street.


Nike – Run

Nike - Run

This seatless bench is very straightforward in getting Nike’s point across…run!