25 Incredible Country Borders That Powerfully Describe Our World

Posted by , Updated on September 3, 2015


With all the talk in the media recently of immigration, country borders and border control, we decided to take a look at some of the worlds most unique borders. Where one country ends and another begins, you are sure to find some very revealing insights into the societies and economies that shape our lives. While some borders are peaceful and even a bit amusing, others are well guarded and somewhat terrifying. What do these borders say about societies? Humanity? Our very existence? You be the judge. These are 25 Incredible Country Borders That Powerfully Describe Our World.


Vatican City and Italy

Vatican City and ItalySource: quora, Image: wikipedia

The entrance to St. Peter’s Square serves as the border between these two nations.



BerlinSource: quora, Image: NASA

Our first non-international border (at least not anymore), in this satellite image you can see Berlin’s ongoing struggle for unification. The streetlights in east Berlin still glow orange while in west Berlin they glow white.


Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia

Chile, Argentina, and BoliviaSource: quora, Image: wikipedia

Cerro Zapaleri, an extinct volcano, lies on the tripoint between these three nations.


Macau and China

Macau and ChinaSource: quora, Image: wikipedia

When crossing between these two nations, the Lótus Bridge switches traffic from left (Macau) to right (China).


Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and ZimbabweSource: quora, Image: wikipedia

Formerly considered the only quadripoint (place where 4 nations meet) in the world, the border has been adjusted to create two tripoints.

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