25 Historical Figures We Wish Were Still Alive

In a continuous history of thousands of years there have been billions of people who “visited” our planet but very few who managed to leave their mark. Even though every single man and woman on our list is dead, their ideas and works continue to shape and influence our world. If they’re influence can be felt in death, can you imagine what they would do in life? What do you think? If you had a chance to bring any influential historical figure back to life, who would you pick? Could it be one of these 25 Historical Figures?

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSource: pantheon.media.mit.edu, Image: wikipedia.org

The man who wrote over 600 musical works and would’ve written probably as many more if he didn’t die so young is considered by many historians the most influential Western musician and if he lived today it’s a safe bet classical music would have way more fans.


William Shakespeare

William ShakespeareSource: pantheon.media.mit.edu, Image: wikipedia.org

He’s widely regarded as the greatest and most creative writer ever in the English language and it would have been really interesting to see what he could have offered in an era where pretty much every film and story is a remake of a previous classic.


Walt Disney

WaltDisneySource: pantheon.media.mit.edu, Image: wikipedia.org

Even though Walt Disney will always live on through his animated films and amazing theme parks we sometimes wonder what kind of masterpieces he would have produced these days with all the revolutionary special effects and technology we now have.


Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van GoghSource: pantheon.media.mit.edu, Image: wikipedia.org

Arguably one of the greatest and most talented painters in history, van Gogh had the misfortune of only selling a single portrait in his lifetime and, most importantly, had to deal with severe mental issues. Nowadays he would enjoy a more stable life thanks to our current advances in medicine and could have possibly delivered even more incredible masterpieces.


Steve Jobs

Steve JobsSource: pantheon.media.mit.edu, Image: wikipedia.org

In life as in death, Jobs continues to shape the world and how we see it via his products. However. we can’t help but wonder what other great innovations might have Jobs introduced into our society if he was still alive.

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