25 Grossest Soda Flavors From Around The World

Posted by , Updated on March 25, 2024

If we told you that there was such a thing as garlic-flavored soda, would you think we were pulling your leg? Well, it’s true. They also have an onion flavor. Most people would probably turn their noses up at these flavors, as well as blue-cheese flavored soda. However, these flavors do have a bit of following.

There are, in fact, people who will buy these sodas and try them out, perhaps just to be able to say they did. Others might give them to someone as a funny gift, where it sits on their shelf, getting a laugh from people who visit.

Everybody’s tastes are different. Who knows? You may actually enjoy some of these flavors. If you can imagine the worst soda or drink you’ve ever had, it’s probably on this list. Here are the 25 Grossest Soda Flavors From Around The World.



Dr. Browns Cel-Ray


You may find this peculiar drink at your neighborhood delicatessen. It’s a soda made from celery seeds.

When one thinks of soda, celery is probably not the first flavor that comes to mind. Yet, the drink has been around since the 19th century.


Unagi Nobori (Eel Soda)


If you wish to sample this particular beverage, you may have to fly to Japan where it’s made. Eel soda is made up of eel bones and heads.

If you do go to Japan and try this drink, you are a braver person than we could ever hope to be. Vaya con Dios.


Buffalo Wing Soda


Okay, soda is good. Buffalo wings are good. A soda that tastes like buffalo wings? We may suggest going back to the drawing board for this one.

You would probably have to be craving wings really, really badly. Even if you need to get it in your system, Frank’s Red Hot would still probably taste better.


Ranch Dressing Soda


Well, c’mon, you can’t have wings without ranch dressing. Don’t worry if ranch dressing isn’t your thing; there is a blue cheese soda as well. It’s coming up.

If you buy the wing soda and the ranch soda together, take swigs of both and swirl it around in your mouth. Let us know how it tastes … assuming you don’t vomit first.


Blue Cheese Dressing Soda


See, we told you we’d put it on here. If you’re not a fan of ranch dressing and you desire a more refined condiment to flavor your soda, give your taste buds a huge wake-up call.

The crisp bubbles and strong blue cheese flavor are sure to make your stomach turn somersaults.


Jones Turkey and Gravy Flavored Soda


The Jones Soda company has promotional flavors that they bring out during the holidays. During everybody’s favorite eating holiday, Thanksgiving, they have a soda that tastes like turkey and gravy.

The flavors usually change every year. If you don’t like to cook, you can just chug down a bottle of … you know what … forget we said anything. Just go to Boston Market or something.


Garlic Coca-Cola


Just because two flavors are tasty separately doesn’t mean they should be made together. (This reminds us we need to cancel our launch of List 25’s Chicken Ramen and Donut Soda.)

The makers of this soda, which comes from Japan, suggest you shake the bottle in order to fully get the flavor of the garlic and soda. So, the tiny taste isn’t enough? Do we have to get more in our system?


Butter Soda


If your doctor told you to lower your cholesterol, and you’re one of those “What do doctors know anyway?” type of people, then take a swig of butter soda. We are being a little tongue-in-cheek here.

The soda’s ingredients are carbonated artesian spring water, cane sugar, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, salt, ester gum, and yellow 5. Yet the name alone may turn people off.


Soda sua hot ga (egg soda)


Egg soda is similar to the egg cream drink that you can find in New York. The big difference is that you’re not drinking a raw egg with the New York egg cream.

Some people say, though, that raw eggs are healthy for you. There are boxers who drink raw eggs while they train.


Grass Soda


Are you still with us? By now you’ve probably Googled most of the drinks on this list. When we tell you about this one, you’re going to flip. There is a grass soda. Supposedly, it starts off tasting like limes and then turns disgusting.

Oh, really? We thought grass tasted like cotton candy.

Yes, we are aware there is a shot you can get at Jamba Juice made out of grass. First of all, you drink that quickly and it’s small. The grass soda is a lot more to swallow.


Dirt Soda


Dirt soda, because why not? If you’re willing to chug back any of these sodas, especially the grass one, is dirt below your standards? It’s actually advertised as tasting like sweet soil.

*cut to commercial*

Spokesman: You know, sometimes you just need to taste the Earth, literally. Imbibe that sweet worm- and bug-filled soil. Refreshing.

*cue music*

Dirt soda, Mother Earth, taste the sweet soil.


Teriyaki Beef Jerky Soda


You may look at this soda and wonder why we’ve put it after dirt and grass. Well, it’s not that we think grass and dirt taste better than beef teriyaki.

We just want to let your brain rest for a bit before we tell you about the really bad flavors. However, teriyaki soda wouldn’t be many people’s first choice when looking for a refreshing drink.


Curry Soda


If you love the taste of curry but don’t like cooking, then you can purchase some curry soda on Amazon.

We feel like these are drinks people will try just to cross it off their bucket lists. Bungee jumping sounds much more enjoyable, though.


Pickle Juice Soda


Actually, this one isn’t that outrageous. There are people who will drink the remaining juice from an empty jar of pickles. Some say it’s great as a pre- and post-workout drink.

We’re not sure if having it carbonated would make it taste better, but you be the judge.


Ketchup Soda


Did you know there are ketchup-flavored potato chips? It seems almost natural that there would be a ketchup-flavored soda.

The chips have great reviews. We can’t seem to find many reviews on the soda, but if you’ve tried it, please let us know.


Wonderfarm White Fungus Bird’s Nest


You will be able to find this drink in Vietnam. It’s made with the nest of the swiftlet bird. The nest is made of this bird’s saliva, which is considered a delicacy.

The fungus can be found floating on top of the drink. Just give it a good shake, close your eyes, and swallow.


Mustard Soda


Did you think we would put a ketchup-flavored and pickle-flavored soda here but not put a mustard one? Lol, silly readers.

If they invent a hotdog or hamburger flavor soda, you’d be all set. Oh, wow, we need help.


Spaghetti Soda


If your child is a messy eater, especially with spaghetti, then give them a cup of spaghetti soda. They will probably throw it on the floor, but it will be easier to clean up than regular spaghetti.

Honestly, some of these drinks would be great for people who can’t chew their food but still want to enjoy the flavor.


Bacon Soda


Okay, relax, we know we just insulted the holy grail of breakfast food, the almighty bacon. It’s true that there is a bacon-flavor option for just about anything, though.

Just think for a moment whether you would drink a bottle of bacon grease; that’s more or less what you’re doing with bacon soda. Maybe it’s not as bad as drinking grease, but nothing replaces the crunch of real bacon.

Can we get an amen?


Black Garlic Soda


How did garlic become a choice flavor for a soda? Was the person really obsessed with it? Garlic forever!

Hopefully, they won’t come up with a garlic body wash. (There is a good chance they already have.)


Onion Coca-Cola


If there is ever a vampire apocalypse, then you’re all set with this drink. Just load it up in squirt guns and you’re good to go.

Does it taste good? Our guess is no. As with the garlic-flavored coke, we’re going to have to pass.


Pumpkin Pie Soda


Here is another soda flavor that is a staple of the American diet. Pumpkin pie is probably the most popular Thanksgiving dessert next to pecan pie.

You probably won’t get the same satisfaction from the drink as you would from taking that first bite.


Kimchee Drink


Kimchee is quite tasty. It goes amazing with soup and noodles. The taste itself can be overwhelming. If you were to drink the liquid in vast amounts, our guess is that your taste buds and brain would beg you to stop.

If you want good kimchee, just go to your local Asian grocery store and cook it. Don’t drink it.


Jones Limited Edition Soda


Earlier, we introduced the turkey and gravy Jones Soda. Did you think the feast stopped there?

Nope, in the holiday pack, they have pea and salmon, Brussels sprouts, herb stuffing, and so much more. The flavors change every year. It doesn’t matter. It’s still gross.


Placenta Drink


Here it is, folks. We present you with the grossest flavor ever: the Placenta Drink.

Many new mothers believe in the great health benefits of eating their placenta. So, hey why not a … okay no no no, absolutely not.

Seriously?! There is no justification for this. We don’t care how many health benefits there are in this drink.

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