25 Grossest Soda Flavors From Around The World

If we told you that there was such a thing as garlic-flavored soda, would you think we were pulling your leg? Well, it’s true. They also have an onion flavor. Most people would probably turn their noses up at these flavors, as well as blue-cheese flavored soda. However, these flavors do have a bit of following.

There are, in fact, people who will buy these sodas and try them out, perhaps just to be able to say they did. Others might give them to someone as a funny gift, where it sits on their shelf, getting a laugh from people who visit.

Everybody’s tastes are different. Who knows? You may actually enjoy some of these flavors. If you can imagine the worst soda or drink you’ve ever had, it’s probably on this list. Here are the 25 Grossest Soda Flavors From Around The World.

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Dr. Browns Cel-Ray


You may find this peculiar drink at your neighborhood delicatessen. It’s a soda made from celery seeds.

When one thinks of soda, celery is probably not the first flavor that comes to mind. Yet, the drink has been around since the 19th century.


Unagi Nobori (Eel Soda)


If you wish to sample this particular beverage, you may have to fly to Japan where it’s made. Eel soda is made up of eel bones and heads.

If you do go to Japan and try this drink, you are a braver person than we could ever hope to be. Vaya con Dios.


Buffalo Wing Soda


Okay, soda is good. Buffalo wings are good. A soda that tastes like buffalo wings? We may suggest going back to the drawing board for this one.

You would probably have to be craving wings really, really badly. Even if you need to get it in your system, Frank’s Red Hot would still probably taste better.


Ranch Dressing Soda


Well, c’mon, you can’t have wings without ranch dressing. Don’t worry if ranch dressing isn’t your thing; there is a blue cheese soda as well. It’s coming up.

If you buy the wing soda and the ranch soda together, take swigs of both and swirl it around in your mouth. Let us know how it tastes … assuming you don’t vomit first.


Blue Cheese Dressing Soda


See, we told you we’d put it on here. If you’re not a fan of ranch dressing and you desire a more refined condiment to flavor your soda, give your taste buds a huge wake-up call.

The crisp bubbles and strong blue cheese flavor are sure to make your stomach turn somersaults.

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