25 Funny First World Problems

Posted by , Updated on January 22, 2024

We all have bad days. It’s true. However, sometimes we need to take a step back and really consider what we are complaining about. When that $5 latte isn’t what you expected or when traffic throws off your whole day, it’s not fun. Is it really the end of the world though? Is it social media worthy? For some people, yes; it really is that tragic. When put in the perspective of bigger problems like homelessness, world hunger, and death, these petty annoyances are definitely more first world problems than actual tragedies.

Today, we’ve decided to give ourselves a laugh (although, it’s really more sad than anything) by looking at some of these first world perspectives. We hope you enjoy and can take a step back and realize life isn’t so bad after all. There are worse things than going on vacation just when your new car arrives or having to use bread instead of hamburger buns. Here are 25 First World Problems That Are So Sad They’re Actually Funny.



I forgot this was live TV. I can't fast forward through commercials now, and I'm so bored.

watching TVImage: Al Ibrahim via Flickr

I ordered a double tall two pump mocha with no whip. They completely forgot about the mocha part, and I swear there is whip cream in here. How difficult is it to make my drink the right way? You have one job to do, and that's to make my drink correctly!

business-lady-with-coffeeimage: publicdomainpictures.net

I couldn't find an outlet to charge my phone, so I couldn't post a selfie of myself in my amazing outfit last night. Bummed. I was looking so hot.

selfieImage: Patrik Nygren via Flickr

The DVR didn't record my show...world over.

HD-DVRImage: commons.wikimedia.org

I want to turn off the light...but this bed is too comfortable

shutterstock_152093960Source: whitewhine.com, Image: shutterstock.com

They have the phone I want at the apple store in west county, and I'm stuck at Massage Envy! Rude!

phone on computer appleSource: Renee via WhiteWhine, Image: pixabay.com

The store is closed supposedly "to allow all employees time to spend with their families this holiday." Lame. Now I have to wait until after the holiday to buy my new boots.

closed-Thanksgiving-signImage: wizzley.biz

The tap water doesn't taste very good here. Now I have to drive to the convenience store and buy some bottled water.

tap waterSource: fingerinurbutt via reddit, Image: pexels.com

The rear seat air conditioning on the new Mercedes is too loud.

car ACSource: BradZeil via reddit.com

I'm moving and have decided to donate all my stuff to the trash rather than to a good cause because it would take me about 3 trips to goodwill.

Mixed_municipal_wasteSource: Ifoundamy via reddit, Image: en.wikipedia.org

I'm out of hamburger buns, so I had to use slices of bread instead.

slices of breadSource: nintrader via reddit, Image: public-domain-image.com

I don't have the time or the energy to clean out the compartment of the robot that cleans my floors.

roomba vacuumSource: tumblr.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org

When you ask for iced coffee and they simply make hot coffee and pour it over ice. Seriously? Does that even make sense?

iced coffee 1Source: Joslyn Hamilton, Vanessa Fiola, and Leslie Munday via fenchurch, Image: YunHo LEE via Flickr

I was too full to eat the free dessert I got from eating an entire tower of mini-hamburgers.

Dessert_ServingSource: tumblr.com, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

I'm a hipster, but I can't grow a full beard.

hipster smileSource: Palomark via reddit, Image: Cubmundo via Flickr

All my neighbors are cooling off in their pools and all I have is a hot tub.

a-beautiful-young-woman-having-fun-in-a-pool-pvSource: wuersterl via reddit, Image: freestockphotos.biz

I just picked up my M5 yesterday, and I leave for vacation today for a damn whole week to Hawaii.

2006_BMW_M5_-_Flickr_-_The_Car_Spy_(24)Source: DRUGDEALR via Reddit, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

My pre-departure Champagne isn't chilled enough.

champagne glassSource: mastamatt via reddit, image: pexels.com

My kids "accidentally" dropped their phones and now demand new ones with a gyroscope. I wonder why.

Waaah!Source: spacedrgn via reddit, Image: en.wikipedia.org

Sometimes I wish I didn't have such an awesome immune system. I would super love to just lay in bed all day for a couple of days and have an excuse for it.

sickSource: whitewhine.com, Image: Leonid Mamchenkov via Flickr

My personal yoga instructor couldn't make it to my mansion because the President is in town, screwing up all the traffic. Thanks Obama!

yoga classSource: Katie via whitewhine.com, Image: The Yoga People via Flickr

My dad just told me I'm only allowed one shampoo bottle in the shower...how is that possible?

shampoo bottles 1Source: whitewhine.com, Image: Hannah Rosen via Flickr

Thanks, Dad for forgetting to give me my allowance. I just overdrew my bank account buying online astrology readings.

moneysource: whitewhine.com, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

The amount of clothes I own is literally unbearable. I have easily 2 walk-in closets full of clothes/shoes. This is ridiculous.

clothessource: whitewhine.com, Image: pixabay.com

Billionaires are ruining my neighborhood of millionaires

shutterstock_353116961source: John via whitewhine.com, Image: shutterstock.com