25 Funny Differences Between Canadians And Americans

Canada and the United States have somewhat of a love hate relationship. It’s a sibling rivalry that goes back centuries. So what exactly are the differences between the two? Today we’re going to take a look at how the longest unprotected border in the world has defined North America. These are 25 Funny Differences Between Canadians And Americans!

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Canadians have more of a tall-poppy syndrome, which is a tendency to distrust or discredit anyone who stands out in a prominent position or wealth.

stand outSource: techcrunch.com

In this sense, Canada is a lot more like Europe. Conformity is more encouraged in Canada than the US. If America does well at anything, it’s encouraging innovation and non-conformity.


Canadians love their flag, but Americans seem to love their flag more. Seriously, nobody beats America at flags. (You can’t beat Canadians at maple syrup though!)

US and Canada flagsSource: Basdad via reddit


Canadians put more emphasis on higher education.

appleSource: universityaffairs.ca

Actually, Canada puts more emphasis on it than any other country in the world. It leads the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) with 53% of its population having a college education. The OECD average is 32%.


Canadians generally approve of their government; Americans hate and distrust theirs.

governmentSource: hilltimes.com

This boils down to the fact that Canadians see government as a good thing, while Americans see it as a necessary evil.


Americans are more individualistic.

wild westSource: canada.pch.gc.ca

It goes back to the Wild West mentality. The very word “Canada,” on the other hand, is derived from a local Iroquoian word for “village.” Canadians are more communally minded.

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