25 Fun Facts About Pokemon Cards You Might Not Know

Since its release in 1996, Pokemon Trading Cards have become the new baseball card. Millions of kids all over the world trade and play with them. With every new generation picking up the game, it doesn’t look like it’ll slow down either. Releasing tons of new packs and sets of Pokemon cards every year, there’s no shortage of them in the stores. So, what makes Pokemon cards so irresistible to kids? Here are 25 Fun Facts About Pokemon Cards You Might Not Know.


Many have said the game is simple and addictive to play.

pokemon trading cardsSource: http://www.wikihow.com

Using three different types of cards, including Pokemon, trainer, and energy cards, two players pit their Pokemon against each other. If they win battles, they can take home prize cards set on the table.


Not many kids play the actual game though.

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Even though the game can be fun, a lot of kids just treat them like trading cards only, swapping out cards with each other in hopes of getting a more powerful card to show off to their friends.


There's a Pokemon trading card league.

playersSource: https://www.pokemon.com

If you do play the game and have gotten pretty good at it, you can actually join a Pokemon trading card league. Many hobby stores or game sellers have them available to join up and play against others.


If you become really, really good, you might get invited to play at the annual Pokemon World Championship.

pokemonSource: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

In 2016, the championship was held in San Francisco.


It was first published by the company that made Magic: The Gathering

magicSource: http://cs.mcgill.ca

The first publisher of the game was Wizards of the Coast, the same company that published Magic: The Gathering. They inevitably lost the licensing in 2003.

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