25 Fruits That You Probably Have Never Eaten But Should

It is without a doubt that fruits provide nutrients that the body needs. It is possible for people to save in health costs by having a healthy, health promoting fruit diet.  And what’s even better is that you can get these exotic, health promoting  fruits from the exotic fruit stand at your favorite grocery store. Learn your fruits!  They can help you live a long and healthy life.  And to help you learn them, here are 25 fruits that you probably have never eaten but should. Bon Appetite!

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Monstera Deliciosa

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It has a pineapple like flesh. The scaly exterior has to be removed and spread out delicately. However, the fruit will take one year to ripen before it can be eaten. If it is unripe, it could be toxic for the body. This fruit is native to the rainforests of Central America and looks like an ear of corn even if it is in fact a fruit. It tastes like banana and pineapple mixed together and contains a lot of vitamin C. It also provides instant energy and stamina.




This fruit is often found in the Amazon basin. The flesh of this fruit is used in sweets and desserts because it has a chocolatey pineapple flavor and is also a fragrant fruit. It is also considered as a super fruit and contains B1, B2, B3, fatty and amino acids,  nine antioxidants, Calcium, Selenium,  as well as Vitamins A and C.




It resembles a cross between a pear and a melon. It is a sweet fruit but is often compared with tomatoes and eggplant. It comes from the native lands of South Africa and is exported to as far as New Zealand and Turkey. This fruit is useful for people with diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. The regular consumption of this fruit can improve stamina.




This fruit contains lot of fatty acids like stearic, palmitic acids, linoleic acid including Omega 6 oils. It is a good substitute for Omega 6 oils in fish. It does not have any cholesterol or saturated fats. This fruit is also high in protein, full of good energy giving carbs, B and C vitamins, Zinc, Potassium, Calcium and is also rich in fiber.




This fruit is a part of the nightshade family and has a lantern-like husk. It is often related with tomatoes due to the mild acidity that it contains. It can be eaten raw or used in desserts, salads, flavoring, jams as well as jellies and can also be dried to be served just like raisins.

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