25 Fascinating Facts About Modern Greece

Modern Greece is blessed and at the same time “doomed” to be famous for its immense history, culture, contributions to the world, and the historical figures it has produced. This is why when the average person thinks of Greece their mind automatically goes either to its natural beauty or to contemplating its vibrant ancient history. On today’s list however, we focus on the wonder and beauty of modern Greece and won’t mention ancient Greece at all, which, trust us, wasn’t easy.

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Never Wave with the Palm of Your Hand Open in Greece


There’s a thing in Greece called moutza and it is one of the worst (if not the worst) insults in the country. Greeks are known for being loud, expressive people who don’t miss a chance to show their emotions or how they feel, and so by inventing the moutza they have managed to literally say it all with a simple move of their palms.


The Greek National Basketball Team Were the Last to Defeat the US “Dream Team”


The US Basketball team suffered multiple losses at the 2002 FIBA World Championships and the 2004 Olympics where they finished sixth and third, respectively, and they made sure to send their very best players to the 2006 FIBA World Championships. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Chris Bosh, Kirk Hinrich, and Carmelo Anthony were smashing one team after another until they met the reigning European champions at the semifinals, Greece. In one of the best games in the history of the competition both teams showcased tremendous skill and talent with the Greek team shocking the world not just by winning but scoring over 100 points with the scoreboard reading Greece 101 – USA 95.


Greek Men Are the Eighth Tallest in the World

tall greeks

Despite the stereotypes that portray Greek men as usually short and hairy (this might be true, however, after all), according to a survey conducted by AskMen and thanks to the healthy Mediterranean diet and the mild weather, the country’s male population has an average height above 5’10”, which makes them the eighth tallest male population worldwide ahead of Ireland and the United States.


Greece Has Thousands of Islands


Even though Greece is only the ninety-seventh biggest country, with a total area of 131,957 km2 (50,949 square miles), it has more than three thousand islands and islets, of which only about 130 are inhabited, with a number of these being some of the most famous in the world. Among them Santorini has been named the most beautiful island in the world multiple times by various travel magazines, blogs, and TV channels including Lonely Planet, BBC, and CNN.


Greece Currently Has the Highest Unemployment Rate in the European Union

Unemployment Rate

Among the member states of the EU Greece holds the record for the highest unemployment rate with 26.4% while Spain follows with about 24.5%. While the average unemployment rate for the EU is 11.5%, Greece is one of the four countries (Italy, Spain, and Portugal being the others) that have suffered the most from the worst economic crisis the EU has ever faced.

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