25 Famous Numbers and Why They Are Important

Although you may have terrible memories of high school algebra it’s undeniable that math plays a crucial role in our everyday lives. But even for those of you whose stomach’s turn at the very thought of doing arithmetic, fear not, there won’t be any equations today…well, not too many at least. While some of the numbers in this list are very relevant to science and other academic pursuits, others are just famous for being considered lucky (or unlucky). These are 25 famous numbers and why they are important.

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Pi (3.14…)


One of the single most important numbers in history, its applications include its uses in world-wide statistics, predicting weather patterns, and in other applications that require massive computational power. The most recognized mathematical constant in the world, it is interesting to note that the π (piwas) is the 16th letter in both the Greek and English alphabet.


Euler’s Number (2.718…)


Like pi, the Euler is an irrational, non-repeating and non-terminating number, which denotes the natural limit for many processes and applications in nature, science and mathematics, especially in economics. Named after Leonhard Euler, it was actually discovered by his student Bernouli who went to a loan shark to borrow money. Then, while deciding on the rate of compound of interest that would be applied he came up with the approximate number that we now know as e, which functioned as a limiting factor.


Euler’s Constant (.57721…)


Not to be confused with Euler’s number, the Euler’s constant, which is sometimes called the Euler-Mascheroni constant, has significant application especially in number theory and other engineering-related formulas and calculations.




A mathematical constant used to (are you ready for this?) describe the dynamic systems of successive differences with period-doubling using the bifurcation diagram before they enter the chaotic regime. What a mouthful! Discovered by Mitchell Feigenbaum in 1975 using a standard issue calculator, he also proved that the mathematical constant 4.6692 was present in a number of mathematical functions related to chaos.




Besides being interpreted as the number of the beast in the Bible, it has several other significant meanings to history buffs and conspiracy theorists alike, one of which was the duration of the Assyrian empire before it was conquered by Babylon.

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