25 Facts About Gun Control In The US You Might Want To Know

Posted by , Updated on October 7, 2017


Do you own a gun? Either way, you probably have an opinion on gun control. To dispel some of the hype, today we’re going to try to take a look at the facts. We’ll lay out the pros and cons and hopefully help you come to your own conclusion on the matter. These are 25 Facts About Gun Control In The US You Might Want To Know.


US gun violence is falling rapidly. You are far more likely to die driving on your way to the mall than get killed by a shooter while shopping.

carSource: nytimes.com

Although getting rid of America's guns would be tough, polls show that most Americans are at least in favor of some restrictions.

checkSource: foxnews.com

In spite of this, groups like the NRA lobby heavily to prevent congress from passing reforms.

capitolSource: theguardian.com

And in spite of the fact that gun ownership is declining overall, a few specific segments of society once again account for the massive number of guns in the country. Lately, this includes various survivalist groups and anti-government militias.

militiaSource: nytimes.com

So to ease your mind, if you are really scared of being shot, get rid of your gun. Why? Because according to statistics you are the most likely person to kill you. As an American, if you don't die of heart disease or a stroke in your 70's, you'll almost certainly die in a car crash. Now doesn't that make you feel better?

car crashSource: foxnews.com

Note: if you really want to avoid a violent death in the United States…use public transport. It will almost guarantee that you eventually die in a bed somewhere.

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