25 Everyday Activities That Are Illegal In North Korea

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the North Korean border? It’s one of the most secretive regimes in the world. However, thanks to defectors and spies, we have been able to get at least a small glimpse into daily life within the hermit kingdom of North Korea. These are 25 Everyday Activities That Are Illegal In North Korea.

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Wearing Blue Jeans

blue jeansSource: metro.co.uk

You’re not allowed to wear denim because it is associated with North Korea’s sworn enemy – the United States.


Watching TV

TVSource: vice.com

North Koreans are only allowed to watch state propaganda. Several hundred people have been executed for watching South Korean channels.


Escaping Prison

Escaping prisonSource: waitbutwhy.com

While this is illegal most places, what sets North Korea apart is that if you try to escape, your family will be punished for four generations (grandparents, parents, and kids).


Reading Books

Read booksSource: buzzfeed.com

If you show up to North Korea with so much as a travel guide, get ready to have issues. They don’t take “foreign propaganda” lightly.


Making Mistakes

Making mistakesSource: metro.co.uk

Recently, a journalist was executed for making a typo in an article. Thankfully, List25 management is slightly more forgiving!

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